Digital marketing is becoming more than just a channel.
It is our aim to ensure that your product or service is available to those customers who need it!/

We create new digital business opportunities
based on data-driven strategy suggestions

Our team provides optimal services in Web Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for both big and small clients. We believe that successful digital marketing comes from multifaceted work, where not only specific actions but also analysis and on-going evaluations are made. Through this method, we achieve better results and rewarding collaborations.
Because of these results, we can speak proudly about our SEO-Service, our highly devoted team and our commitments. We are highly dedicated to our work because we know that this is the only way we can achieve the best results for our clients.

GO MO Group is an international company with offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Pune with a combined staff of over 85 employees. We strive to be the ideal partner to our clients, where we are able to help you make the right decisions at the right moment. We prioritize finding the best solution for your company, right from creating a digital strategy and implementing in a way that provides better results.
We are a determined team with full focus on our clients and aim to offer the best SEO-solutions. Always.


4 good reasons to work with us:


High production capacity & quality

Our production team in Sweden and India offer a level of knowledge and competence that you just can’t get anywhere else on the Swedish market today. Because of these skills, we can always guarantee top notch services at reasonable prices.


We focus on business advantages & goals

We have advanced SEO knowledge and understand the technological aspects required to achieve optimal results. However, using the technique is not the goal; rather it’s a tool to create real business opportunities for our clients. This also helps us provide high ROI.


Each client gets a custom package

We do not provide packaged deals, as they do not work. Each project is assigned to one specific team, which involves project managers and specialists in on-page, off-page, content, strategy and analysis.


Make data-driven decisions

As our services are measurable, you are enabled to make data-driven decisions to improve your company’s performance and reach. This also leaves a long lasting impact on business performance in the form of increased brand awareness and presence online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is essentially a strategy, which involves creating relevant content and specific sub-pages, which help your site rank higher in searches on Google (or other search engines). The main aim for a good strategy should always be to be on a short-list when customers search for information.

Online Acceleration

Online Acceleration (OA) leverages content about your business to increase brand awareness and attract potential customers. User interactions with the content are tracked and data is captured and provided to you in order to increase sales conversions.

Web development

First impression matters – just like your first meeting with the client is the most important, your website is the first digital impression you will leave on the client. Good communication on your website leads to enormous opportunities and you should always focus on building an interactive website.

Digital strategies

Traditional business models are quickly becoming ineffective and outdated. If you don’t want to be left behind – your approach should match the needs of your actual target group and you should make use of the media and technology used today. Unless you adapt to your consumers preferences, you are no longer in the game.





• The client works in a B2B-segment where the competition is high.
• The client competes with global leaders of their specific field which have a strong online presence.



• Careful and ongoing situation analysis.
• We produce and publish eight different types of content on platforms with high page authority, to achieve relevant and strong linking.
• We prioritize ROI before ranking. SEO is not only about ranking keywords, it’s about ranking the right keywords that actually lead to strengthened business.

• Increased traffic and positive ROI on all european markets, where we have custom strategies for different markets.




• The client covers many different areas of work and thereby different types of competition.




• After getting 60 % more visitors in 6 months we decided along with the client to look through and analyze the web page and the e-commerce.

• We developed a new website through a Woocommerce-platform, designed a pleasant digital profile and integrated an e-commerce solution that matched the company’s needs.
• We used SEO to push the number of relevant visitors to the website.

• Three years later the visitors from organic traffic to the website has increased by 390%.

“Over the years as a CEO and Chief Marketing I have produced and collaborated with a number of agencies. Never before have I found someone that so perfectly meets my requirements as GO MO Group. “

Eva Rosengren
Partner Lära för Livet

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