We are the fastest growing SEO-company in Sweden and the growth
is due to the fact that we see yourselves as a game changer in the industry. /

GO MO Group and our business/

Our business idea is simple – to meet the digital challenges of today and tomorrow by always placing our clients needs at priority number one. This concept makes us strive to be a game-changer and a trendsetter in the digital marketing space and we value high level of competence. At the moment we are a happy and enthusiastic team consisting of around 85 people, in three different offices. The majority of the staff is based in our wonderful office in Pune.

We aim to be the best SEO-agency in Sweden

Our ambition is always to be the best. To become the best you have to work with the best – that’s a fact that we knew already from the start. We focused to surround us with people that were a lot more competent than ourselves, already in the early stage. Besides this, we also involved people with different backgrounds to get a versatile ground for the company to stand on.

It didn’t took long before we became a proactive and goal driven team with a clear focus on developing the market’s most optimized solution in digital marketing. A big part of our success comes from hard work and focus, but our timing and ability to match the paradigm shift in the digital world is also a contributing factor.

Sweden stand before huge challenges and many players of the field are lagging behind in the digital evolution. The consumers are the driving force of the market and as a company it is central to follow, whatever the costs. The conditions and possibilities of marketing have changed rapidly these last couple of years.

2017: A year of prestigious partnerships

2017 started out in an amazing way with prestigious collaborations with customers like Hermods, Bygging Uddemann, Turistrådet Västsverige and AJ-produkter. These orders included international assignments and the privilege to handle content marketing and SEO for not only the national but also European market.

We are proud to say that we have developed a SEO-service that so well matches the needs in the digital era, and that we manage to deliver great results to a very good price. Our success would never have been possible without our SEO-team that have been incredible proactive and that have achieved fantastic results for our customers in a relatively short amount of time. For example we’ve been able to highly rank our customers on Googles organic list, all thanks to relevant keywords. In many cases we’ve improved the Google-driven traffic with over 100 %, during a period of less then 8 months.

GO MO Group laget i Sverige

GO MO Group is based on competence

The management of GO MO Group believe in long-term ownership and building a company that we can be proud of. We focus on competence and surround us with co-workers that are much more skilled than ourselves and involve people with different background to get a versatile ground for the company to stand on. We are certain that this strategy builds a sustainable business and a huge growth in digital marketing.


In our offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg our proactive and goal-driven team work closely together, always focusing on delivering the best solutions in digital marketing.

Our team in India

Our search for competence brought us to India and Pune. A city that strategically matches our company’s need very well. It’s a city with a population of 3 million, and while it’s a university town many of the inhabitants are young, well educated and competent – it’s also a bonus for us to be able to take advantage of the Indian prices. They make it possible for us to offer competitive services to our customers and still keep reasonable margins. It’s a framework that gives us freedom and helps us grow in the right pace.


Also, the competence we are looking for is hard to find in Sweden and when we find it it’s too expensive. With a totally Sweden-based production it would be impossible for us to offer the same quality, price and definitely not in the volume we do it today.


GO MO Group laget i Indien



GROWTH 2014 – 2018


Our most successful cases are the ones with an internal expertise in SEO and a willingness to chase high ROI values. SEO is a long-term process and the relationship between us and the customer is the key to success.


Digital communication has become crucial for a brand’s digital presence. If you want to rank high on Google relevant, content is the key. We find common solutions and new business opportunities where the digital channel becomes more than just a channel.


We develop your website in WordPress to make it easy for you to update and make changes on your own. Of course your website will also be optimized for all types of screen sizes and devices.