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Design from scratch, redesign, or product improvement. We’re here to take work off your shoulders with our expertise across many industries.

Our experience and strategic focus form the foundation of our role in Collaboration Art, a consortium of entrepreneurs collectively building a leading brand house in performance-based marketing.

Collaboration Art is developing a “house of brands” for Europe’s leading performance agencies, strengthening entrepreneur-driven companies through strategic acquisitions and network support, while preserving our unique brands and corporate cultures.

We are led by our CEO Gabriel Ghavami, who says –I am firmly convinced that we are only at the beginning of what will be history’s biggest change in communication and purchasing behaviour and thus how corporate communication will look like in 20-30 years.

My ambitions for the company are sky-high, and as the founder I strive to build the world’s best digital B2B agency to meet the change in buying behavior – something I believe we are well on our way to achieving.

The biggest challenge for our industry is the supply of skills, we have solved this by establishing parts of our production in India, under Swedish management on site. This not only gives us access to the world’s largest talent pool in our sector, but also allows us to scale production at a speed that is unique in our industry. This results in our main competitive advantage: scalable execution of razor-sharp strategies.


We Have a Passion for Building Business, People and Growth.

Passion. Integrity. Collaboration. Progress.

We care about these things. We look for people who demonstrate them. We make decisions guided by them.

We Challenge the Existing Conditions of Marketing

We are an international digital marketing agency that helps leading B2B companies transform to more effectively reach their target group. Our clients come to us for data-driven consulting and implementation to solve their complex digital marketing challenges.

There’s a new B2B buyer out there: She’s younger, digitally engaged and doing her research online – companies’ sales practices need to fundamentally change to meet these new buying behaviors.

Strategies From Data, Implementation by Specialists

Without data, our recommendations would have been mere expressions of opinion. All of our collaborations begin with a solid current situation analysis where we produce useful insights that form the basis of the strategy work and the subsequent implementation of the marketing strategy.

We understand that sustainable growth requires returning to previous conclusions and challenging them. Therefore, we work according to agile processes to be able to adapt the marketing efforts to new findings and insights. By following up and measuring the outcome of the marketing activities, we can take advantage of new opportunities and parry incoming obstacles.

Marketing contributes the most to business value after you close the gap between marketing and sales. We have built an organization that can deliver a scalable solution to help B2B companies with this transformation.

Our Colleagues

GO MO Group consists of 150+ ambitious colleagues spread across our offices in Europe and India.

The competencies of our strategists and specialists are our greatest asset. Effective digital marketing requires a vast breadth of capability and understanding, so we have gathered knowledge and experience from all relevant digital marketing channels, and use the tools best suited to each project.

We foster a corporate culture that encourages collaboration and ambition. When colleagues and partners support each other, new ideas can prosper and new processes can be developed. We are convinced that equality and respect are fundamental to a healthy and socially sustainable organization.

Reza Ghazizadeh Client Success Manager
Puja Kumari
Lina Nygren
Avichal Singh HR Manager
Ida E. Ghavami
Gaurav Khetan Head of Development
Sam Toosi Client Success Manager
Shashank Ambagade
Prasad Gokhale
Shubham Kulkarni
Sameer Pawar
Priya Bhoi
Catherine Anderson Accounting Officer & Financial Manager
Ishank Naik
Rickard Koskenniemi
Shruti Barwe
Mridul Malhotra
Netra Surana
Anurag Deokar
Ayushi Sharma
Simrin Laffrey
Rashika Namdev
Vaishali Sabale
Amisha Jha
Krish Dadlani
Shipra Jha

Meet the Marketer

Meet the people behind our success in “Meet the Marketer” – a video series where we interview our own talented employees. Get to know the team that drives our innovation and creativity at GO MO Group.


Industry-specific insights make a difference. We bring experience from over successful 100 client projects to each new case to develop and implement optimal digital marketing strategies for all of our clients.