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Expertise and scalability

GO MO Group is Sweden’s leading company in Pull marketing (SEO). A company group with more than 120 employees in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Pune (India) We offer end-to-end services for our clients’ digital presence and growth.

Our promise to our customers is capitalization on existing demand – therefore we invest heavily in understanding the user’s digital experience and the user-intent. Our services gradually builds upcompetitive advantages that cannot be copied. We are strong advocates of the concept of Pull marketing as the fundament of all future marketing activities.

Our clients come to us for professional and data-driven consulting; to understand how to use data to solve their difficult and complex marketing challenges. The result of this is an investment in marketing that allows calculation of Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) in every phase of the process to meet our clients’ goals.

94% of all B2B buying processes take place online and a majority of them start on Google. For this reason, we have invested in understanding the nature of a user’s experience and their intentions on this platform.

Our background and deep knowledge within SEO gives us a broad understanding of how SEO has and is developing. With more intelligent algorithms, SEO has become much more complex than the traditional strategies, that’s why today we call it Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) and Pull-marketing. The idea of CXO and Pull-marketing is to meet user intent of relevant stakeholders, and provide a state-of-the-art customer experience.

Our ultimate goal is to close the gap between communication and transactions, sales or employment. Our experience shows that only rankings or traffic on the website is rarely enough. Therefore, we help our customers with the entire customer experience where leadsgeneration
becomes the ultimate goal in any
customer journey.

"I dream of building the largest digital pull-marketing firm in the world by solving key issues and offering state-of-the-art solutions."

Gabriel Ghavami, CEO

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Gabriel Ghavami
CEO, Founder
Safa Soltani
Managing Director, Partner
Henrik Anderberg
Head of Client Success, Partner
Client Success Manager, Partner
Head of Operations, Partner
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Niranjan Kanade
Vice Managing Director
Magnus Gelkén
Strategic Growth & Customer Acquisition Manager
Client Success Manager
Client Success Manager
Rickard Koskenniemi
Content Writer
Content Writer
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Client Success Manager
UX/UI Designer
David Olsson
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