Operation Executive


GO MO Group is an international company with offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Pune with a combined staff of over 55+ employees. We strive to be the ideal partner to our clients and help them make the right decisions at the right moment.

We provide optimal services in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Development and Lead Generation. We work with some of Europe’s biggest companies such as Stena, Alfa Laval and Volvo.

Our organization is made up of the following teams: SEO, Google Ads, Strategy, Development, Design, Content, Admin & HR. This position is an opportunity to lead, manage and develop the administration department at a fast growing, dynamic and exciting company.

We understand that people are crucial to the success of our business. Thus, we are looking for a talented Operations Executive, who can lead a team of three.

Scope of Work

  1. Resource Management
    • Supervising a team of that includes security, housekeeping and office Executive
  2. Inventory Management
    • Establish a process to manage the company assets & material
  3. Receipt & Invoice Management
    • Receipt Management that includes tracking the monthly transaction done through cash or via company debit card
    • Communicate the invoices raised through vendors with the concerned stakeholders
  4. Vendor Management
    • Research and find vendors as per the needs of the organization
  5. Infrastructure Management
    • Managing all infra related issues (IT, electricity, water, office maintenance, etc)
  6. Personal Assistant
    • Acting as a point of contact between Managing Director and the stakeholders & assisting him with respect to his assignments
  7. Travelling
    • 30-40% of this job roles includes work outside the office. This includes procurement, coordination, site inspection, vendor meeting etc

Mandatory Requirement

  1. Qualification
    • Minimum 3 yrs to 10 yrs of experience in administrative duties
    • Great English verbal and written communication skills
    • Bachelor Degree in any field
    • Read and write in Hindi
    • Fluent in Hindi
  2. Hands on Experience with
    • Managing administrative staff
    • Experience in Microsoft platforms: Word & Excel
    • Experience in managing vendors
    • Experience in inventory management
    • Experience with invoicing

Preferred Attributes

  1. Accounting
    • Experience with helping companies wit the following:
      • GST/PT/ESIC payments
      • TDS payments
      • International invoicing
  2. Travel Arrangements for External Stakeholders
    • Experience in managing travel itineraries, accommodations and transportation and infrastructure within India as well as outside
  3. Residing in Pune
    • To ensure the candidate can join as per the employers timeline and close to our office in Kalyani Nagar

Operation Executive

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