Generating B2B leads for a global computer giant

Dell Technologies is one of the world’s leading computer and tech companies. When they wanted to increase sales for their hybrid cloud solution by targeting IT professionals in France, they turned to GO MO DBS for B2B lead generation and outbound marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

For efficient sales, it was important to reach the right people at the right time. This meant qualifying leads with enough budget, authority, need, and the right potential timeline for adopting Dell’s hybrid cloud solution. Dell wanted to communicate to IT decision-makers on the French market, and specifically generate leads that were able to convert quickly.

The Solution

Fix the basics

The first step in the B2B Lead Generation was for GO MO DBS to expand the list provided by the client and compile a list of key decision-makers relevant to the offer. This resulted in 9,500 potential prospects for the campaigns.

Lead qualifications

To achieve maximum results from the list of prospects, GO MO deployed a two-pronged funnel strategy involving electronic direct mail (EDM) and telemarketing. By facilitating several ways to conversions, we were able to achieve a higher conversion rate. Recipients that opted in for further communication were pursued through further emails, either going back into the funnel or qualifying as an MQL.

Saving the most relevant leads

Prospects that engaged with the EDM campaign and fit the BANT profile were pursued with a telemarketing campaign to ensure that the prospects that would most benefit from the offering would not unnecessarily fall out of the funnel. The basis for Pull Marketing is to communicate to prospects with an expressed interest in one’s offering – limiting the telemarketing by this premise proved an efficient way to use the communication channel.

The Results

MQLs and prospects

The client ended up with new marketing qualified leads who had agreed to further communications and a list of over 9000 relevant IT decision-makers that could be used in similar campaigns in the future.

Fast results

During the first three weeks of the campaign, 15 high-intent leads were generated. Out of all the leads, 13% had a time plan to purchase the service within 6 months.

Conversion rate

The EDM/telemarketing campaign resulted in many leads. Out of all prospects, 3% would end up converting, from which 90 interested BANT leads were delivered to the sales team.

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