Digital marketing enabled disruptor to compete with well-established businesses

Digital sales and lead generation bring great opportunities for disruptive companies in B2B industries. By combining a strong service and optimizing their visibility for potential customers, Adnavem has quickly been able to establish itself on the international market for transportation and logistics.

Strong Start, Continued Growth

Adnavem was founded in 2017, and their digital solution quickly made waves in the world of sea transportation. By introducing a digital platform for planning and booking goods transports, they were able to establish themselves as a disruptive player in the industry. The combination of a strong service offering and an investment in digital marketing let Adnavem compete with larger, more established competitors.

Over the course of the collaboration with GO MO Group, the number of business inquiries from the website increased by 80% in the first year, an increase that was kept up in year two, when a 60% increase was recorded.

“We needed a partner with a local presence that could scale up the collaboration to keep pace with our growth and the maturing market. In addition to good results, I appreciated our weekly meetings and reports that gave us insight into, and the chance to impact, our marketing.”

Exceeded Goals

Anchoring a strong presence in the digital marketing channels was a central goal in the growth journey. The initial competitor analysis showed that Adnavem’s competitors received several times more visitors to their respective websites. As a response, a lot of resources were dedicated to solving the technical aspects of Adnavem’s website and creating the conditions required for successful digital marketing.

After having laid the foundation for the SEO strategy, and seeing the subsequent increase in traffic, the focus was shifted to increase the quality of the traffic by optimizing on-page and off-page factors. This made for high visibility and conversion rate.

This new digital marketing strategy puts the customer first in communication and content. This has created a website that generates warm leads and business requests, while the authority and branding that comes with high SEO performance means that logistics buyers turn to Adnavem to a greater extent.

Optimal Digital Strategy to Overcome Barriers of Entry

Established players with a strong digital presence significantly raise the barriers of entry for new competitors. Something that is less talked about is how digital assets can affect these barriers in both directions. Adnavem is a relatively new player in the logistics and freight forwarding industry and has succeeded in introducing a competitive disruptive solution to a market that is otherwise slow to change

Disruptors are not always successful, but those who are will usually turn their industry upside-down. Unsurprisingly, many startups liken their desired market impact to these disruptors. Claims like “we will be the iPhone of cars” or “imagine Spotify, but for bolts” are not unusual in pitch meetings – and with good reason.

With their market-leading digital investments, Adnavem has now established itself as one of the successful disruptors and is well on its way to making freight forwarders as outdated as travel agencies by utilizing untouched land, and their digital marketing spreads their message.

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