Multilingual full-service partnership across several markets

Coor is a leading Facility Management company in the Nordics. Coor’s wide range and integration of facility management services ensure that facilities are up to par, which lets businesses and government organizations function more efficiently. Since 2018, GO MO Group has implemented digital marketing services to drive business growth for Coor.

Results of Transforming Marketing into Business Success

Closing the gap between marketing and sales

The most important results are those related to the overall business goals, such as the high-impact lead generation from different industry leaders: textiles, automobiles, dairy, and more. These inbound leads resulted in many new deals for Coor.

Increased sales velocity

A testament to the efficiency of Pull Marketing is the increased sales velocity for deals from negotiations where the buyers had an expressed demand. Inbound deals were closed 30 % faster than deals from RFPs or telemarketing.

9/10 vital keywords on positions 1–3

Coor is shown among the top three search results for 9/10 of their relevant keywords designed to target B2B decision-makers looking for facility management services. This had a great impact on the visibility of Coor’s services – with their service pages seeing a 200% increase in organic traffic in 2020.

Proven business impact

The results of the collaboration, and our ability to measure and report the outcome of the marketing efforts, have proven the positive impact of data-driven digital marketing for Coor. This has led to Coor increasing their local marketing investments across their nordic markets.

The Challenge Communicating a Comprehensive Range of Services

Cross-market digital marketing

Digital marketing spanning several countries means that Coor needs to communicate to several different audiences in several languages. Finding the optimal balance between centralized and decentralized marketing activities was key in successfully implementing the different SEO strategies.

Service complexity

Coor has 100+ services related to facility management. Marketing any service requires knowledge of the service in question; the range of services offered by Coor required scalable marketing processes able to create materials and factual review.

The Solution

A mix of centralized and localized project management

By using both central and local resources, the partnership was able to strike a balance between the efficiency of a large organization and market-specific implementation. A central communications director and project managers would manage master templates and provide general insights, which were adapted for each market by local coordinators.

Tracking and proving marketing impact

Tracking and diligent follow-up are key in showing the impact of any marketing strategy. As such, ensuring the tracking functionality of the site was of high priority at the beginning of the partnership. Later, the SEO and SEA efforts emphasized contact forms over email addresses or phone numbers, since the former allows for more accurate tracking.

Structured and transparent process

As with any large project, a structured process is the key to success. GO MO Group emphasizes transparency and reporting of results. As with all clients, Coor has real-time insight into their marketing investment via the project management platform Basecamp.

Yearly strategy and budget targets were set up both centrally and for each local market. These were followed up by quarterly town hall meetings with stakeholders, where progress and issues were discussed.

In addition to this, monthly reports were sent out and presented at a market level, as well as the overall performance. For the marketing managers closer to the operative side of the partnership, weekly check-ins allow for status updates and priority alignment.

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