Digital marketing in the dental health industry

Through privatization and digitalization, the dental industry has been fundamentally changed. Privatization has created a completely new competitive landscape and has made the market more flexible. Meanwhile, digitalization has strengthened the booking and client generation process, transforming the industry from “visiting your old dentist” to “which dentist provides the highest quality for my money?”. The trust in old patients always returning dies when patients are continuously exposed to new offers and messages.

Background: A Changing Industry

On a global scaleaffiliate websites such as, for the hotel industry, have started to take increasingly bigger market shares since they make use of the digitalization and the sluggishness of traditional companies. These sites have also begun to dominate in Sweden, but we’re still a few years behind. Interestingly, the business opportunities for ambitious dental care companies are substantial.

The above-mentioned should result in a future where we could observe two different ways for generating new customers:

  1. Clinics and dentists becoming dependent on affiliate sites since they themselves don’t own the digital customer journey and customer generation process, as well as having generally weak brands. These players will always be on the back foot to those who are digitally agile and take actions, similar to the hotel industry and the dependency on e.g. Expedia or
  2. Clinics, dentists and groups who themselves realize that without a digital customer generation process, they will lose both market shares and profitability. Companies with great digital ambitions and sound marketing efforts will gain ground. These companies invest in a digital strategy to own their sales process and create a satisfactory customer experience which also helps them retain their existing customer base. All the while they build digital resources and gain digital shares.

Speculating about who’s coming out on top won’t be difficult. It’s the companies with the financial power who have the confidence to occupy space and invest, who will be the long-term winners together with the affiliate websites.

The Goal: New patients

When a new B2C company wants to win market shares and do business around existing needs, a huge opportunity arises to become a big part of the customer journey via websites and search engines as the primary channels. This on an even higher level when speaking about seldom bought wares/services that demand a quick conclusion.

GO MO has worked with dental clinics in Sweden, Denmark, and other European countries for over 3 years, in  situations where the marketing is managed centrally by the holding company. We’ve worked with individual customers who’ve invested over SEK 20 M/year through us and who’ve appeared on the other side as clear winners through efficiently reaching new and old patients.

Partnership-specific Objectives

  1. Generate new customers online for approximately 30 clinics
  2. Retain the existing customer base
  3. Develop the customer experience online by working with the website’s structure and content

Adapting to the customer journey

Committing to leverage existing demand and making use of search engines have been the key – a combination of SEO and SEA. Digital marketing and sales has been the leading channel for customer generation, and it keeps on growing for every month that goes by.

The group has four different business areas, all of them with different customer needs and offers, and therefore different purchasing processes. This requires the overall strategy to have specially designed tactics for each area as the digital customer needs can vary considerably. This approach is generally considered positive as the customers’ information seeking (need) is specific rather than general (for example: the needs vary considerably between emergency dental care and routine dental visits).

Our solution: Digital Pull-marketing Strategy (SEO, SEA, and web development)

Our work, with emphasis on digital marketing, included:

  1. Generate traffic from search engines (primarily Google) across large areas of Switzerland through SEO/search engine optimization (both search and Google My Business) and Google Ads (SEA)
  2. Web development of existing websites and the creation of new websites
  3. Reports and analysis (see picture below for a dashboard summarizing over 20 accounts)
  4. Overall digital guidance

Established process

The process has been divided into the following steps:

  1. ANALYSIS/AUDIT: Extensive research/information gathering and analysis of current situation (search behavior, competition, etc.)
  2. STRATEGY: The creation of an overall 1–2 year strategy taking into consideration: current situation, resources, obstacles, and goals
  3. MONTHLY: Monthly reports and creation of tactical plans
  4. WEEKLY: Weekly priorities and actions. Scrum meetings with the client and the team
  5. DAILY: Daily communication through our project management tool Basecamp

“GO MO strives to be Sweden’s best SEO-agency. With our extensive experience within the dental care industry we’re convinced that digital marketing is the key to future success.”

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