Our industry specific solutions

Some industries where we have extensive experience

Återvinningsindustri | GO MO Group Recycling A traditional industry that promotes environmental change. This is one industry where interesting opportunities have now been opened in all these years. We have worked with recycling companies that involved a great range of sustainability discussions and led to companies using our digital solutions in order to bring an environment change.
Service Providers Companies offering large and complex products or smaller products but high potential, we have worked with most of them. We have made the purchasing processes go digital for these providers. Insurance companies, training companies, recruitment companies have been some of our clients.
Manufacturing We have set a data-driven growth strategy and closed the gap between communication and sales for manufacturing companies. We have taken advantage of the industry’s economy of scale to promote manufacturing companies as it comes with global presence and large size.
Consumer Discretionary Today goods are purchased online which negatively affect retailers. The research process starts with Google and ends with the purchase of goods online at a much cost-efficient price. To enable retailers to still do business, we utilize technical economies of scale for them to survive.
Security Security is a guarded industry with strong growth, high competition and low entry barriers. We have worked with security companies in order to digitise their business in ways more than one.
Logistics and transport As the transport and logistics industry changes and grows rapidly, there are some companies that win and some fail. The ones that have chosen our digital marketing solutions have come out to be winners and of course, the ones that haven’t lost and faced losses.

The paradigm shift all our clients are experiencing

Humans today have access to more information through our mobile devices than at any other time in history. We actively search for more information, mainly through search engines. In particular, we look for information when making purchasing decisions. This has led to a paradigm shift from traditional and push marketing (creating new demand), to digital and pull marketing (utilizing existing digital demand). This shift has lead to fundamental changes in how we approach marketing and many marketers are facing difficulty catching up. It is now a must for organizations to respond to this digital transformation. Big companies such as General Electric, which ironically described themselves as a  “digital industrial” company, noticeably failed at their vision of becoming the industrial leader in digital revolution.

Ignorance, fear, and speculation are some of the biggest challenges facing companies. GO MO helps companies fight ignorance through education and insights (from data) about the digital revolution and the paradigm shift in communication. We enable our clients to overcome the fear of not following market trends by objectively analyzing data and making truly strategic decisions. Guesswork and assumptions are avoided by relying on data-driven information and using data-driven principles for decision-making.

"My vision has for a long time been that GO MO Group becomes highly relevant once we 'move the needle' for global B2B giants, and my hypothesis is that this is achieved by solving key issues for the C-level management. Therefore, we are proudly humble and very happy when an industrial giant hires us to get them through the paradigm shift in communication."

Gabriel Ghavami, CEO for GO MO Group