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Beyond the Binary: GO MO’s Trailblazing Take on Gender Dialogue

As the humans at the helm of GO MO, we see diversity and inclusion as societal game-changers, not just business tools. With our roots in India’s vibrant diversity, we’re all about valuing individuality and encouraging everyone to stand out.

We put talent first, seeing the unique stories behind each face. We’re shaping GO MO to be a place where everyone’s voice rings loud, clear, and valued. Our mission? To create a society where diversity isn’t just accepted—it’s celebrated.

In 2018, a significant milestone was reached when the Supreme Court of India struck down Section 377, a colonial-era law that criminalized homosexuality. Since then, there has been a remarkable surge of support for the LGBTQIA+ movement across the country. In urban areas, companies, both large and small, have actively participated in pride marches, established queer chapters within their organizations, and amplified visibility for the cause. One visible show of support during Pride Month is the adoption of rainbow-colored logos.

While these gestures are heartening, it’s crucial to go beyond tokenism and embrace genuine inclusivity. At GOMO Group, I have been fortunate to experience this firsthand during my seven-year tenure. I have never felt the need to filter my words, worry about the pitch of my voice, or worry how I’m using my hands, as our organizational culture has never harbored judgment or flippant comments. I vividly recall a time when I sported bright pink hair without fearing that it would undermine my credibility because it simply didn’t.

Such an inclusive environment fosters a profound sense of comfort and freedom. It enables individuals to voice their opinions, share ideas, and collaborate with confidence, leading to enhanced innovation and better outcomes for our products and services.

When Pride Month rolled around, our HR champs Simrin Lafrey and Revathi Krishnan, with our SEO whizz Ashwin Nassa, took it upon themselves to steer a heart-to-heart chat called ‘Beyond The Binary.’ They spotted the need to tackle some common misunderstandings and gaps in understanding about gender in India, and created an engaging dialogue for our team. We dived deep into the kaleidoscope of gender complexities, their intersections, and convergences. And to wrap it all up, we savored a rainbow cake, the symbol of our celebration. A special thanks to Rashi Singh for supporting the team with this initiative.

Taking pride in our deep-rooted commitment to diversity and inclusion, we understand it’s more than just surface-level actions. Our relentless drive to foster an environment that embraces everyone is what fuels our shared triumph. It’s this belief in every individual’s potential to shine that keeps the GO MO spirit alive.

For those who are interested, below is the presentation we utilised to facilitate our discussion.

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