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The State of GO MO Customer Care in 2022

Customer experience is more important than ever — to stay ahead, we are more focused than ever on prioritizing the area and always putting our clients’ interests first.

We conduct yearly customer surveys to get insights into our clients’ opinions about GO MO Group as a digital marketing partner. Understanding the needs of our customers is the most vital part of nurturing an honest and trustful client-supplier relationship. Getting deep insights into their experiences enables us to improve customer care and satisfaction, which will let us maximize the impact we can have on each client case.

Staying ahead means that we must believe that improvement is fun and treat it as a process without an end.

Results Overview

Higher Engagement

This year, we saw a sharp increase in respondents compared to previous years, showing a more engaged customer base. We also interpret this result as indicating strong relationships between our project teams and clients.

Sample size: We have received feedback from approximately 68% of our total client base.

Customer satisfaction

Our clients were asked to score our services from 1 to 10. Approximately 85% of the persons surveyed gave GO MO Group a score of 8 and above, with 45% scoring us at 10.

From the comments in the questionnaire, we saw that the high scores correlate with two things: the return from the customers’ marketing investment and the close contact with GO MO project managers.

Dedication and engagement drive results and give our clients access to a wider digital audience and new customers. Competitive strategies are a must in today’s constantly changing digital landscape – not utilizing data to receive business from organic search results can be devastating for companies’ future.

The high score also represents the project management’s availability which always makes our clients feel seen and prioritized.

I am incredibly proud of our teams and project managers – the client relationship is key to being able to transform customers and have a real impact.”

—Henrik Anderberg, Head of Client Success

Opportunities for Improvements

As mentioned, we always strive to improve. As with any large company, communication is key – internally and externally. This was reflected in the results, where most of the areas of improvement identified were related to communication, be it from unfamiliarity with our project management platform Basecamp or with working in a global context.

Net Promoter Score

We also wanted to test customer loyalty with NPS (Net Promoter Score). We received an NPS of 60, placing most of our clients in the “loyal and enthusiastic” catergory, indicating they would gladly recommend GO MO Group and our services to other organizations.

A New Era For GO MO Group

We will take all survey feedback into the new GO MO Group era. We already see a positive development from our first year with new owners. With Collaboration Art, GO MO is set to grow quickly through acquisitions and expansion. This is just the beginning of an exciting future, and we are glad to have the support of our clients in our development.

The success of our endeavors depends on how well we can understand and connect with the human stakeholder we are interacting with

—Gabriel Ghavami, CEO and Founder

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