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AI Forces Realignment in Marketing: GO MO Group’s strategic shift towards self-governing niche agencies

GOTHENBURG, Sweden; June 7th, 2023 – In our view, the future belongs to those who shape it. With this belief in mind, B2B marketing agency GO MO Group is taking proactive steps to shape an AI-driven future. The company is transitioning from a generalist marketing agency into a collective of autonomous “niche marketing agencies.” We believe that each of these specialized entities, dedicated to serving one of the three key B2B market sectors (global giants, SaaS scale-ups, small- & medium-sized enterprises), will position us not just as relevant but as leaders in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

According to GO MO Group’s founder and CEO, Gabriel Ghavami: “By harnessing the power of AI in combination with human expertise and creating these specialized niche agencies, we are paving the way for our continued success.”

Ghavami recognizes the need for earlier action, stating, “In our view, the AI revolution has made change an imperative, not a choice. We aim to inspire others to embrace paradigm shifts as catalysts for transformation.” As per our understanding, AI does not replace the human element; instead, it enhances our capabilities. The synergy between humans and machines empowers us to adapt and thrive in the evolving marketing landscape.

Our primary objective is to establish an agile and responsive structure that allows each segment to benefit from specialized and cross-functional teams, who possess a deep understanding of their specific market dynamics. We believe that fostering strong ownership and enhancing decision-making processes aligned with the needs of each segment will be key to our success. We are departing from the ‘one size fits all’ approach, as per our understanding that it is no longer viable in today’s dynamic and diverse business ecosystem.

At the core of our innovative approach is the collaboration between GO MO Group’s offices in Sweden and India. We firmly believe that this fusion of global talent and cutting-edge technology creates a powerful blend of human creativity and AI efficiency.

Gabriel Ghavami om tankeledarskap inom B2B marknadsföring

As part of our shift, we have set ambitious goals to grow these niche agencies tenfold within five years. We are committed to employee satisfaction and continuous skill development in areas such as SEO, paid digital advertising, digital design, web development, and AI-driven content creation.

In this pivotal period marked by tech-driven transformation, shifting B2B buying behaviors, and economic recession, we are boldly reshaping the B2B marketing landscape and leading the way forward with unwavering determination and innovative spirit.

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