Generative AI | READING TIME: 3 MINUTES | June 19, 2024

Generative AI: The Difference Between Traditional AI and a Revolutionary Force in Sales and Marketing

Preparing your workforce in sales, marketing, and project management for the era of generative AI by building a winning corporate memory and elevating baseline capabilities. Empowering you to reinvent traditional processes in smarter, more innovative ways, ensuring you always stay ahead of the curve.

AI, or artificial intelligence, encompasses techniques that enable machines to perform tasks requiring human intelligence, such as understanding speech and identifying objects. Generative AI is an advanced form of AI that not only analyzes data but also creates new content and predicts outcomes based on large amounts of data.

In sales and marketing, generative AI enables the development of new strategies, personalized content creation, and optimized customer experiences with unprecedented speed and accuracy. By leveraging generative AI, companies can identify and exploit new growth opportunities and improve their business processes.

Generative AI differs from traditional AI through its ability to be creative and proactive, opening up innovative solutions and improved efficiency. Our insights into digital marketing are derived from hundreds of ongoing client engagements. Read about trends in digital marketing, generative AI, and the conclusions we've drawn from previous projects.

The Challenge of Talent and Organizational Adaptation

Despite the promises of generative AI, there are challenges in organizational readiness and talent. Many companies have yet to fully exploit the capabilities of generative AI, primarily due to a lack of skilled employees. Addressing this talent gap is crucial for organizations aiming to remain competitive in this rapidly changing landscape.

Ethics and Responsibility in AI's Future

As advocates for the ethical use of generative AI, we discuss the importance of navigating risks, including bias, factual inaccuracies, and intellectual property rights. A balanced approach with human oversight is essential to mitigate these risks and maximize potential.

A Catalyst for Global GDP Growth

Generative AI is expected to significantly contribute to labor productivity and facilitate the transition to new job roles, leading to a more sustainable and inclusive economy. Achieving this requires cross-sector collaboration to ensure responsible and sustainable technological progress.

At GO MO, we are committed to helping our clients seamlessly integrate this technology into their operations. By choosing us, you are not just shaping the future—you are leading it. Let's transform together. Contact us to share your curious thoughts and hypotheses about generative AI and start optimizing today.


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Gabriel Ghavami CEO I, Gabriel Ghavami, am the CEO of GO MO Group and a committed advocate for generative AI and its potential to renew traditional B2B industries. With solid experience in sales, marketing, and growth strategies, I am passionately dedicated to exploring and implementing Gen AI technologies that promote efficiency and sustainable growth. Driven by a vision where technology and human values interact to carefully open up new advancements and opportunities within the industry—I believe that human emotions and ethics combined with machine speed can make our decisions smarter and kinder.
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