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Unfolding the Journey of a New Management Associate

Once in an interview when asked what was his secret recipe of success, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs answered simply, ‘my people’. He further went on to explain, “it’s not the tools you have faith in. Tools are just tools. They either work or they don’t work. It’s the people you have faith in or not”.

Our business philosophy echoes Jobs’ sentiment. We strongly believe in employees being our strongest asset and the foundation of our success. The ability to identify, hire, train and promote talent has always been a key initiative at our organization.

True to our spirit, we recently promoted a very talented SEO analyst, Karishma Mistry. Karishma has been working with GO MO for the past 2 years and has recently been advanced to the position of Management Associate.

With an educational background that had nothing at all to do with the digital space, Karishma wandered quite a lot, before she finally found her ‘place’ in the world of digital marketing. After pursuing a digital marketing course from School of Digital Marketing, she started looking for opportunities in the digital marketing space.

“I saw that the world was moving towards the digital place, so why shouldn’t I?”

Enter GO MO Group
A happy outcome of our efforts of going to institutes and conducting recruitment drives, we found Karishma’s personality enigmatic and decided to invite her for an interview. Impressing us over a period of 3 interview sessions, Karishma finally joined GO MO as a Jr. SEO Analyst as part of the SEO Team in 2017.

During her time in the SEO Team, Karishma’s constant strive to prove her worth made her stand out and catch the Management’s attention. Be it providing creative solutions for her clients, helping her team members or assisting the Managing Director to execute a brand new service; Lead Generation, Karishma never backed down from a challenge, which ultimately led to her bagging the Management Associate position.

According to Forbes, external hires scored worse on performance reviews and were 61% more likely to fail at their new jobs as compared to those who were promoted internally.

For us, internal promotions have played a major role in encouraging our employees to look at the “bigger picture” and set high expectations for themselves.

Right from 2017 when Karishma joined GO MO Group as an SEO Analyst, she has constantly been on her toes to prove her worth and has truly depicted the values that GO MO truly believes in.

But, what kept her determined throughout this journey filled with ups and downs?

“I am extremely excited to step into my new role, but also looking forward to do a lot more good work.”

Maurvi Narvekar, a Content Writer at GO MO, caught Karishma in a quick tete-e-tete about her past, present & her future!

You have been working as an SEO Analyst at GO MO for 2 years now, tell us about your journey.

If I am to describe my journey at GO MO, it’s got to be ‘the ride of a lifetime’! My career started off in a rocky manner, with me not being able to find my true calling. However, all of that changed, really quickly. I still remember the day when Ankita, the HR, and Kunal, a Partner at GO MO Group, came to SDM (School of Digital Marketing), an institute from where I was doing my Digital Marketing course and told us all about GO MO Group. I was sold on the opening slide. However, I did have certain doubts after the countless interview rounds. I almost screamed in my head, ‘don’t hire me if you don’t want me!’. Now, 2 years later, I understand why those multiple rounds of interviews were so important.

My entire journey at GO MO has been pretty similar to this one experience. While the thought of giving up crossed my mind multiple times, I wouldn’t exchange these two years for anything. This is solely because while exhilarating at times, my tenure at GO MO, starting from the bottom of the pyramid as a Jr. SEO Analyst to now inching to the top as a Managing Associate has been filled with learning, growth, and exposure. While it’s true that my work at GO MO hasn’t always been easy, but it has surely been worth all the effort and hard work. The prime example of this is a roadmap I had to complete in order to qualify for this promotion. My manager, Prerna Mahtani, while presenting the roadmap had warned me that it wasn’t going to be easy, and she was right! While working late nights and weekends wasn’t much fun, the amount of exposure I have received in the past three months while completing my roadmap has truly been a unique experience that has not only helped me grow professionally, but personally as well!

During your time as an SEO Analyst, which is that one achievement you are most proud of?

Ah, just one? Just kidding!

While there are many things I am proud of, right from my work on lead generation, to supporting my manager by assisting her in managing projects. However, the one thing I am most proud of is solving a problem after everyone has given up. One of our clients was facing issues with their long tag . Due to that, Google did not recognize the site’s language, hence leading to no rankings. The in-house IT Team and client’s IT team efforts were wasted if they could not solve the problem. That’s when I decided to get out of my comfort zone and fix the problem. With the help of my team members and mentors, we found a solution, which we then recommended to the client. To my surprise, they agreed. This experience gave me the confidence to take on future challenges with more courage.

“GO MO made me get out of my comfort zone and take on challenges with more courage”

You have been promoted to a Management Associate, how can you use this job role differently now to add value to GO MO?

While I truly enjoy working at GO MO, no company is perfect. Especially a growing one like GO MO. While GO MO promotes the concept of allowing its employees to explore and work in whatever area they want, as an SEO analyst, I still had certain restrictions. Now that I am a Management Associate, I will use this position as a tool to improve certain processes at GO MO. For example, I want to figure out what’s next in the digital marketing space and help evolve our services.

Where do you see yourself professionally in the next 3 years at GO MO Group?

The only thing I want to focus on right now and in the future is growth. Grow as much as I can and grab all the opportunities coming my way. Right from the beginning, GO MO has proven to be full of opportunities which allowed me to move forward. To be honest, I had the intention of getting into the Management Team sooner or later and getting promoted as a Management Associate is definitely a stepping stone for me to climb the corporate ladder. In the next three years, I hope to have added enough value for the company to deem me worthy of being a Sr. Project Manager.

“I want to grow as much as I can and grab all the opportunities coming my way”

According to you, what are the 5 golden rules to follow to succeed at GO MO?

It is no secret that there is no shortcut to success. As an organization, GO MO has made me more punctual, taught me to always have a creative approach, take ownership and be accountable for the work that I am taking on. Hard work is certainly important, but smart work is an integral part of succeeding at GO MO. Apart from that, self-discipline is a strong trait that helps you excel in this organization.

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Maurvi Narvekar Content Writer An aspiring scriptwriter and a trained classical dancer with several years of experience in writing. An undergraduate degree in Mass Media and an MA in Communication and Journalism.
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