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B2B SEO for the Global Leader Volvo

We used data and SEO to influence customer decision in the research stage, all in order to win market share in a complex environment

For some years we have been trusted by AB Volvo and its BAs as a strategic Digital Pull-marketing and SEO-partner. We perform continuous SEO implementations and digital marketing business development for and in various global markets.

Gabriel Ghavami speaking at the Volvo Summit 2017 in Sweden | GO MO Group

At the Volvo Summit 2017 in Falkenberg, we had the privilege of giving a lecture on pull-marketing and SEO for the purpose of educating global marketing departments. This cooperation has given us a very good insight into Volvo’s business.

The SEO audits and the work done have provided great results and deep business insight to the client. For example, we have given communication teams and CMOs in various countries/regions deep insight regarding after-market sales and its various business opportunities. Many of the technical findings have been implemented on domains but, more importantly, in strategies that influence customer decision in the research stage, all in order to win market share in a complex environment.

“Gabriel has definitely convinced me of the power of data-driven decisions and the importance of keeping up to speed on how to rank well in Google. Gabriel and the central team with their professionalism and strategic mindset in combination with the strengths of the team in Pune gives GO MO Group a unique position to deliver world-class pull marketing.”
MARTIN PALMQVIST (Digital Communications Manager)


As a strategic SEO partner, we have gained a deep understanding and knowledge of finding SEO opportunities for large global giants. We also understand the CMS (SEO for Adobe’s CMS Adobe Experience Manager) and the challenges faced with cannibalization and duplicate content issues.

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Gabriel Ghavami CEO I, Gabriel Ghavami, am the CEO of GO MO Group and a committed advocate for generative AI and its potential to renew traditional B2B industries. With solid experience in sales, marketing, and growth strategies, I am passionately dedicated to exploring and implementing Gen AI technologies that promote efficiency and sustainable growth. Driven by a vision where technology and human values interact to carefully open up new advancements and opportunities within the industry—I believe that human emotions and ethics combined with machine speed can make our decisions smarter and kinder.
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