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Utilizing Google’s Aggregated Data To Win – The Real Impact Of B2B SEO

Imagine if we had the benefit of using the same billions & trillions of aggregated search data Google has gathered over the last 20+ years to solve their problems…

The byproduct of creating a useful, usable, and enjoyable customer experience is high rankings on Google. By now we know the end goal of any marketing activity is not only ranking or driving traffic, it’s the business impact that counts.

The above was the topic of a recent keynote by GO MO Group CEO, Gabriel Ghavami, who was invited as an expert speaker as part of a Fortune 500 company’s internal worldwide communications conference. The event took place at the end of September 2021 and was an initiative of the Executive Vice President Group Communication.

Fortune 500 company’s internal worldwide communications conference | GO MO Group

Early fall is a busy time for marketers

The aforementioned webinar was just one out of three speaking engagements for Gabriel in one week. In order to further spread the insights in the week’s webinars, GO MO marketing coordinator Timothy sat down with Gabriel to discuss the CEO’s most current views on marketing.

It all started with setting the tone and stating that we are in the midst of what will be the largest change in communication and buying behavior in history, and thus what corporate communication will look like in 20–30 years. “There is a new B2B buyer in our ‘new’ normal. She is younger. She is digitally engaged. She does more and more research & business online – corporations need to reflect this change.”

What does best in digital marketing look like (now and in the future)?

When invited to speak, Gabriel was asked to give his personal opinion on “what Best can look like?”. Best was defined as:

“It’s when ALL interactions with you are perceived to be useful (value-driven), usable (easily engaged with), and enjoyable (emotionally engaging). This only happens when customer experience is the top priority.”

The overall main purpose of the keynote was to convey a vision and direction for the audience – to show what they can do now to become the legendary pioneers of the future within marketing. Being fully convinced that data is the basis of all future marketing, Gabriel challenged by stating that enterprises can utilize Google’s aggregated data to their own benefit. This is possible by using the mindset required for SEO content structuring on one’s own platform(s) at all times.

Applying Google’s insights to all communication and marketing

Google’s main goal for Google Search is to deliver the most relevant and reliable information available for the billions and trillions of search queries they get. To achieve this, Google has invested heavily in research in order to find the factors that make up a good online user experience. Adding to that, the giant keeps improving at identifying the indicators that imply a website’s expertiseauthoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

With expertise in SEO, one can go beyond traditional SEO factors and adapt to the search giant’s directives and ever-changing requirements in other routines and processes. However, many have not managed to expand on their SEO knowledge in order to enhance their other marketing activities. Hence, winning and being “best” in SEO is less about the nitty-gritty and more about the mindset of always putting the users first. As previously stated, the end goal of any marketing activity is not only ranking nor driving traffic, marketing performance must be measured in business impact.

“…Optimization tactics to rank organically on Search Engines (SEO) is using the same data Google has gathered over the last 20 years to solve their problems! If Google tells us what their algorithm is prioritizing after gathering data from billions & trillions of searches – who are we to argue against their conclusions?”

–Excerpt from the webinar.

The “how” explained in short

Promote good user experiences and you will win. SEO-based communication is not advertising, it aims to promote experiences and communication on the customer’s terms. Google’s number one philosophy is “focus on the user and all else will follow”. This permeates all Google products and services and has far-reaching implications for both SEO and communication strategies.

Adapt to Google by thinking like Google

Better pages get better placement on the search engine results page. Google offers little in-depth insights into the inner workings of PageRank, their algorithm for ranking search results (colloquially referred to as just “The Algorithm”). However, they give us the broad picture and we know that a consistent trend in PageRank is that elements related to a better user experience are favored by The Algorithm.

“Think about it, they have the formula”

Formulas | GO MO Group


You can utilize the search data Google has gathered over the last 20+ years to solve their problems by introducing an “SEO first mindset” into everything you do, and use this as a basic foundation for your communication. This does not only make your content outside-in but also engages and creates business value far beyond what traditional communication and marketing has been able to demonstrate. All the while, data becomes the central aspect of your “new” data-driven communication process.

We hope this text could plant a seed that gives you insights that strengthen and improve your communication. If you want to discuss the above, book a lecture, or poke a hole in what is presented above, we would be happy to hear from you and schedule a meeting.

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