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Effective B2B marketing can create temporary monopoly & competitive advantage

Organic traffic increase by 175%

23% increase in sales requests from the website

Effective marketing can create competitive advantage and a temporary monopoly. Move “zero to one” by creating a foundation that allows growth and the right attitude. By recognizing the value of being customer-oriented, investing long-term, being data-driven you can capitalize on hidden potential ​​in your growth process. In the case below, we present what our journey looked like with the service company TÜV NORD.


TÜV NORD is a B2B service company that works with inspection and certification services on a global level. The company was founded in 1869 and their head office is located in Hanover, Germany. The Group has over 10,000 employees in 70 countries within Europe, Asia, America and Africa.


Due to declining sales figures in the nuclear power area, TÜV NORD Scandinavia made a decision in 2015 to initiate a three-year strategic focus on marketing in order to increase sales. The goal was clear, namely to respond to and address the downward trend by finding new business. Another important KPI the company decided early on was to increase brand awareness, primarily in the Swedish market.

“The goal was clear, to respond to and address a downward trend by finding new business.”

The strategy to increase sales was based on taking advantage of existing need from potential and existing customers, i.e. pull-marketing . The industry in which the company operates is knowledge intensive, which made the vision of thought leadership (“wikipedia of our industry”) both possible and interesting when it comes to attracting new customers, partners and employees.


Below we have described the three-year journey that TÜV NORD Scandinavia has had with us at GO MO Group. The initial part presents what a temporary monopoly through search engines (read Google) can look like. Our goal was to “own” key issues and become a thought leader. Below are some examples that show exactly how this has been achieved:

Keyword: PED
Yearly Search Volume: 8640
Current Client Ranking: 0 Position (Answer box)

Keyword: Risk Matrix
Yearly Search Volume: 2520
Current Client Ranking: 1

The below screenshot is from Google Images. Client URL image is ranked 1st in the Google Image section for the keyword “Risk Matrix”.

Three basic prerequisites for creating a temporary monopoly:

  1. You as a marketing manager and your management team need to understand why marketing is a basic requirement for achieving growth goals and staying at-par with your competition. Creating confidence and ensuring that there is a common basic knowledge about marketing techniques is also important. Data from McKinsey shows that companies who have a high success rate in change projects tend to have a CEO who is actively involved in the transformation. The survey shows that this applies 190% more to B2B companies than other companies in the same survey.
  2. Invest in marketing for the long term, it is continuity and feedback that enable the final result. The same McKinsey study shows that successful companies tend to continually update their marketing transformation, as much as 250% more often as compared to other companies surveyed.
  3. Report on a regular basis the true value of marketing (ROMI – Return on Marketing Investment) and show what is required to close the gap.


The three-year digital transformation resulted in a strong digital position for TÜV NORD. Thank to a focus on measurability and data-driven decisions, the numbers speak for themselves.

Year 1, from a brand new Swedish website to some significant improvement:

  • Website Leads Increase: + 800%
  • Organic traffic increase: + 175%
  • Unique visitors increase: + 100%

Year 2, strong development and continued investment:

  • Increase in the number of leads from the website: + 845%
  • Increase in organic traffic: + 34%
  • Unique visitors increase: + 38%

“Together with Henrik Anderberg and GO MO, TÜV NORD Scandinavia AB has developed a marketing and sales strategy for our operations. Together, we have implemented, used and evaluated the strategy over a three-year period. The chosen digital market orientation has shown good impact, one of them is becoming a strengthened brand, and has led to many business opportunities.” -Anders Egerbo, CEO of TÜV NORD 2001 – 2018

Year 3, profitable strategy without internal marketing department:

  • Increase in contact requests via forms from the website: + 23 %
  • Organic traffic increase: + 68 %
  • Vital keywords that rank at position 1 in Google: + 23 %
  • Vital keywords that rank on page 1 in Google: + 83 %

Keyword: ISO 9001 Checklist
Yearly Search Volume: 1320
Current Client Ranking: 1

Keyword: PED Direktivet
Yearly Search Volume: 600
Current Client Ranking: 1


A knowledge-intensive service company has great opportunities to obtain extensive competitive advantages with the right digital strategy. These competitive advantages not only create high entry barriers for competitors, but also create hidden assets within the company. Three assets TÜV NORD currently possesses are:

  1. A self-reinforcing brand that is continually exposed to search engines, performing better than both direct as well as indirect competitors on Google.
  2. A “marketing department” that works day and night without any employees. Google does not rest when the company’s potential customers search for information.
  3. Thought leadership within its niche.