Segmented Leads Specialist Timothy Larsson

Introducing ASBX: Segmented SQL Generation

GO MO’s Timothy Larsson takes on a new journey and introduces what he believes is the future of B2B Demand generation. After about two years of being responsible for GO MO’s digital marketing, scaling B2B marketing processes, nurturing MQLs, and driving SQLs; Timothy was hand-picked by the company’s senior management for the new role of Segmented Leads Specialist in 2022.

The mission is to expand GO MO’s service offering by marketing to segmented audiences – while ensuring that the client’s communication stays relevant to the receiver. A true advocate of data-driven Marketing, he hopes to make spam and irrelevant communications things of the past.

What is a Segmented Leads Specialist?

As a Segmented Leads Specialist, I’m responsible for getting leads for our clients from the business segment they feel is most valuable. We provide these leads through a new service that we are launching, the Account and Segment-Based Experience, ASBX.

What are the benefits of the Account and Segmented-Based Experience?

ASBX combines the strength of data-driven strategies, segmented content creation, and the powerful channel distribution of Email and paid SoMe (mostly LinkedIn), forming the optimal complement to Pull Marketing. Reaching more potential buyers is possible by adding outreach activities to one’s marketing mix. Still, it is important to keep communicating relevant offers in the right channels and at the right time. By using ASBX, we also increase brand awareness, enabling you to be top of mind when there is a demand.

How is that carried out in practice?

With ASBX, we target the most relevant individuals and decision-makers in companies, giving them a very tailored, segment-based offer. Informed targeting and segmented value propositions allow companies to communicate relevant information to potential clients in all parts of their buyer’s journey. We have seen that this is the most efficient strategy for the company, but it is also beneficial for the buyer.

Which impact do you want to have on marketing in the future?

I want to keep being a proponent of Pull Marketing. I don’t want to be marketed products that I would never want to buy, and this goes for both B2B buyers and consumers alike. Pull Marketing ensures that all marketing communications are relevant and shown to the right people.