Make use of big data and AI technology to promote your brand more effectively online. Using programmatic advertising to automate the process of buying ad space lets you maximize your brand exposure towards a very specific target audience in real-time and grow your business.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is characterized by automating the processes related to showing ads in digital channels. Whereas online advertising started out with companies buying ad space on a per-website basis, it is now possible to accurately target one’s target audience in the most effective channels through programmatic advertising. In short, it lets you advertise through a joint force of data science, automation, and machine learning.

Advancements in machine learning have let automation in programmatic advertising become incredibly accurate, presenting customers with a lot more relevant offers than ever before.

Programmatic advertising: reach your target audience effectively

We have managed the programmatic advertising for large organizations and small local companies with great results. Adding programmatic advertising to a data-driven digital marketing strategy can significantly increase the ROI and directly contribute to the B2B lead generation.

Programmatic advertising is vital for effective Pull Marketing, allowing ads to reach only those who show or are likely to show interest in your offerings. By continuously refining ad targeting to align with client purchasing patterns, businesses can enhance engagement and drive conversions.
While more often talked about in a B2C context, programmatic advertising is likewise an effective approach to B2B marketing. It can for instance be used as a push marketing tool to target C-suite individuals and increase awareness among decision-makers. Programmatic can also be a highly effective tool for tasks like recruitment and talent acquisition. By effectively targeting a narrow audience, it is possible to reach B2B decision-makers in highly relevant companies.

Programmatic advertising in B2B

Correct execution of programmatic advertising allows companies to only show their ads to an audience for which their products and services are relevant. This is a cornerstone of Pull Marketing, wherein marketing communications is targeted towards individuals who have expressed interest in your products/services. Programmatic allows you to target these individuals, but also those who are likely to be similarly interested in your offering. For optimal results, the ad management needs to be continuously updated to ensure that your targeting is consistent with your clients’ purchasing patterns.

Narrowing down the target market of your marketing communications will greatly improve the campaigns’ conversion rate, as well as being more financially efficient. Manual targeting might allow advertisers to show their ads for a select number of websites at specific times. On the other hand, programmatic advertising allows for a more true people-based marketing, as more factors can be accounted for. Combine this with real-time bidding and it is hard to argue for a non-programmatic approach in one’s online advertising.

How does programmatic advertising work?

A key aspect of programmatic advertising is real-time bidding. Pairing advertiser preferences with available ad space allows companies to show their ads to the most relevant internet users efficiently. With numerous websites to advertise on and many companies looking to do so, having a strategy that optimizes ad placement is crucial. This enables more personalized strategies on a large scale.

Advertisers use demand-side platforms (DSP) to manage their campaigns, specifying parameters that determine who sees the ad and when. Conversely, website owners use supply-side platforms (SSP) to control what’s shown on their sites. In the brief time it takes a browser to load a webpage, the SSP announces an available ad space. DSPs then match advertisers’ preferences to present relevant ads. The highest bidding advertiser for the ad space and user in question gets their ad displayed.

B2B Programmatic advertising

Consumers are increasingly in control over the course of their buyer’s journeys. Instead of being exposed to ads and communications from whichever companies scream the loudest, buyers are now doing their own research to find the best solutions to their problems. This paradigm shift is clear in both B2C and B2B purchasing, and is something to which companies must adapt.

Pull Marketing means communicating towards individuals with pre-existing demand. Implementing Pull Marketing involves positioning oneself to be visible in the recipients’ channel of choice at the time they are looking for products and services, rather than pushing one’s offerings in the hopes of creating demand.

Optimal management of
programmatic advertising

Our experience in managing programmatic advertising spans across both large organizations and small local companies, consistently delivering outstanding results. Integrating programmatic advertising into a data-driven digital marketing strategy not only boosts the ROI but also plays a crucial role in B2B lead generation. By leveraging targeted ads and real-time bidding, programmatic techniques ensure that your marketing efforts are both efficient and effective, directly contributing to increased lead acquisition and business growth.

The role of data and privacy

Another advantage of automation between DSPs and SSPs is enhanced privacy. As consumer and company concerns about user privacy grow, and with the phase-out of third-party cookies, ad vendors must find alternative ways to determine ad relevance. Data-learning in DSPs and SSPs allows advertisers to more accurately predict user interest with less personal information. This shift poses challenges for smaller advertisers and ad vendors, who may need to partner with larger entities possessing more first-hand data.

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Leveraging the existing demand generated by the market’s collective marketing efforts, we can achieve a high Return on Investment. Our approach focuses on Pull Marketing, targeting the right decision-makers within relevant companies. With our extensive experience in transforming B2B outreach, we specialize in connecting businesses with new corporate clients. Our strategies are data-driven and tailored to align with the actual purchasing behaviors of your buyers, ensuring an effective and efficient approach.

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Maximize your online presence with a comprehensive SEO strategy: drive relevant traffic to your website and build a strong online presence over time.

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