Pull marketing – The foundation of all Marketing Activities

"Return on Investment will be very low if we create a need that competitors can capitalize on."

Customer-focused and data-driven marketing

The customer should always be placed in the room first and you should then work with an “outside in” perspective instead of “inside out”. We marketers must implement a mind-set in all communication and strategies to solve the customer’s challenges and answer their questions. All with the goal to help customers buy, rather than talking about one’s own benefits.

Pull-marketing is about focusing wholeheartedly on and adapting to the customer’s needs and their behavior. Thanks to the available data, we are able to tailor our marketing activities to always meet the right target group, on the right channels, in the right way.

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We are living through history’s biggest paradigm shift in communication

Paradigm shifts are more common than people realize. These type of shifts have been constant throughout our history; the last major shift was the industrial revolution where mass production changed the rules of the game in the early 1900s.

Digitization is driving the transition we are currently experiencing. The biggest difference this time around is how quickly the changeover is taking place, that is a lot faster than a 100 years ago. Nowadays, the consumer sits in the driver’s seat and this requires us entrepreneurs to adapt to the “new” normal.

“If we can’t sell to customers who want to buy, we probably can’t sell at all!”

Be visible when the customer searches for you

An Accenture report shows that 94% of all B2B buying processes start online. Another report from Postnord shows that 87% of the research process takes place via Google / Search Engines. The statistics also show that B2B consumers do NOT do their research via advertisements.

With this information it is easy to understand where to focus to increase sales. You must be available when the customer searches for you on the right channels, with the right information in hand. The important thing is (and always has been) to understand what the customer wants online – this is called Pull-marketing.

With this information it is easy to understand where to focus in order to increase sales. You must be available when the customer searches for you on the right channels, with the right information in hand. The important thing is (and always has been) to understand what the customer is looking for online – this is called Pull-marketing.

There are too many options and it is becoming increasingly investment intensive to build a brand through traditional methods in order to create a need through campaigns. Businesses want to differentiate themselves and this has led to campaigns becoming increasingly difficult to understand, which causes the customer to lose interest and miss out on the key message.

The trend is clear! Companies need to change their focus and understand the possibilities of marketing and communication that is driven by existing market needs.

Pull-marketing is about getting in touch with everyone who is looking for your specific services and products. Companies must change their marketing plans, reduce quantitative campaigns and prioritize a qualitative Pull-marketing strategy that creates measurable growth. Take advantage of the digital transformation in marketing and become more specific in your marketing activities to create results and increase sales.

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Close the gap between Marketing and Sales

Companies have a hard time getting investment for marketing because they do not know how to implement campaigns that increase their sales. Traditional Push marketing in the form of promotions is too often “ice cream and balloons” while the sellers continue to work as usual. There is a gap between the campaign and the company’s sales process. Sellers do not get any new concrete leads / contacts that they can easily book a meeting and do business with; this creates dissatisfaction and low confidence in the marketing strategy.

Campaigns too often become “ice cream and balloons”

The complexity of the B2B buying process is increasing as buyers spend more time doing research online. Instead of only selling, you should help customers buy. It is clear that companies that succeed in the new landscape are the ones who simplify the buying process for their customers and function fully as a trusted advisor. To take advantage of the opportunities offered by Pull-marketing, traditional organizations must begin to digitize parts of their business and sales process.

Today, companies need to monitor real-time market demand to understand the needs of potential customers online. Demands change from day to day, and companies need to analyze, adapt and follow up on a continuous basis in order to succeed.

Search engine optimization suits all industries
particularly discretionary goods & B2B operations

SEO and pull marketing are the most powerful in industries where the buying processes are more complex. Multiple decision makers, long purchase consideration and high cost associated with product or services are some of the difficulties that can be addressed with the help of SEO.
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B2B Marketing - Success depends on understanding and connecting with key stakeholder(s)

"Our customers see in a very short time what business value and competitive advantages an aggressive data-driven and digital marketing strategy contributes to"

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