Rapid results and growth with SEA

What is SEA and why should companies adapt to it?

GO MO offers comprehensive solutions for Google Ads where we help you create everything from account to ads, ongoing ad optimization to maximizing your business reach and creating new leads. With experienced project managers and specialists you should be able to focus on what you know best; your own business.

What are SEA and Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is a marketing system owned by Google where advertisers bid on keywords to promote their website and business. What has made Google Ads so successful is their business model. In this system advertisers pay per click (so-called PPC or pay-per-click) instead of paying a fixed cost where the advertiser does not know the result of how many people actually visit their website.

Why Google Ads?

94% of all B2B transactions start online and a majority of them start at Google. This makes Google Ads one of the top tools for promoting a business. Thus, instead of asking WHY, the real question here is “Why not?”

Google’s reach is huge

Google is no longer just a company, it is now also defined as a verb in the form of “Google” something. That’s because in many cases, Google is often the first alternative a person turns to when they have an unanswered question, or they want to look for any additional information.

Flexible budgeting

With Google Ads, a company has full control over the budget of the campaigns they run. Companies have the opportunity, among other things, to set restrictions on their daily budget, put the highest bids in the bidding and quickly increase or decrease how much they want to spend depending on how the ad is performing.

Simple result overview

Google Ads provides an uncomplicated overview of the details behind a company’s campaigns with basic information like number of clicks on the ads, keyword budget, etc.

Advantage of search intentions

The biggest difference between people a company reaches through Google Ads and people a company reaches through other types of marketing is their intention. With Google Ads, companies can target their marketing solely to customers who are looking for their specific services or products.

Complete control over campaigns

Google Ads allows a single person to quickly start and stop an entire campaign, reach the right customer base at the right time, and adjust their ads according to business requirements.

Quick results

Google Ads can lead to quick results that can otherwise take weeks, months, or even years, through SEO. A company does not have to spend time writing long articles, optimizing them by keyword density or internal and external linking.

Easy ROI calculation

A company has a complete overview of how much they spend on ads, they have access to the stats on the number of clicks and the number of conversions that resulted from them, it thus becomes easier to calculate what their investment in Google Ads will yield them.

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Search engine optimization suits all industries
particularly discretionary goods/services and B2B businesses

SEO and pull marketing are the most powerful in industries where the buying processes are more complex. Multiple decision makers, long purchasing consideration and high cost associated with products or services.
Digital Strategy

B2B Marketing - Success depends on understanding and connecting with key stakeholder(s)

"We needed to develop our business digitally but we didn't really know how. This is where GO MO Group and Henrik helped us in a fantastic way during the journey both as a partner and as an advisor. Their assistance has led to a constant flow of leads and has opened up new opportunities for us that as a company we will continue to develop."

Ted Jokiniemi, Marketing Manager, Säkra Larm