Anuvinder Singh

Meet Anuvinder

I am based out of Pune, a fast-growing metropolitan city in India. I am Director and Partner at GO MO Group DBS and head the Online Acceleration Department at GO MO. My expertise is building strategies around content marketing, email marketing, and content syndication.

I love building process platforms that help to automate processes and eliminate manual intervention. The philosophy I work by is to improvise, automate, and delegate.


Graduate Degree in Business Administration from MIT Pune
Masters Degree in Marketing and Trade from Monash University

About my role

I am here to build a legacy of like-minded people who can solve complex problems in digital syndication. My objective is to close the gap between marketing and sales by building data-driven and intent-driven offerings to support our clients in achieving the highest possible ROI from their marketing efforts.

I wake up every day with the end goal of providing data-driven guidance and deliver professional assistance to end clients. My motto: build trust based on the three core principles of Quality, Transparency, and Timely delivery.

My prime goal is to provide a combination of solutions that benefits our clients’ business as a whole.

Up close and personal

I started my 1st job at 18, worked at several different companies to gather experience, and started a small coffee shop at 24 when I was in university. I started my 1st profitable business in 2013, which I sold in 2017. In 2018 I joined hands with GO MO Group to build a legacy that will deliver 360 Degree Marketing Services under the umbrella of GO MO Group to end clients.

I enjoy investing in small start-ups and also like to help companies to build sales pipelines.

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Team members

Gabriel Ghavami
CEO, Founder
Safa Soltani
Managing Director, Partner
Henrik Anderberg
Head of Client Success, Partner
Client Success Manager, Partner