Gabriel Ghavami

Meet Gabriel

I’m the the founder, CEO and the majority owner. I’m based out of my hometown of Gothenburg but also spend a lot of time in Stockholm and Pune.

I sincerely enjoy working with clients and absolutely love and have a huge passion for complex B2B digital marketing and entrepreneurship. A typical day involves razor-sharp focus to improve marketing, people, sales processes and, product development with the total mindset of driving growth. The ambition level is high, so I try really hard to have ability to predict unprecedented opportunities, see the future, avoid unfavorable conditions. I also enjoy taking strategic corporate decisions and managing the overall operations.

“I strongly believe in finding the exponential zone in order to grow. The zone where one has exponential value often where passion, talent, money and doing good meet.”


I hold a BSBA with double majors in Marketing and Finance from Hawaii Pacific University

Why did I start GO MO and whats my end goal

I could probably write a book about this but I understood early on that yesterday’s approaches to Marketing won’t deliver. We are experiencing the greatest paradigm shift of all times in communication so I wanted to dedicate my full attention and life to create an elite digital marketing agency of tomorrow and the right bet for the future. This by offer state of the art CXO/pull-marketing services to the finest B2B companies on a global level. I wanted to move ahead at speed with absolute clarity about initiatives to be able to bet boldly on my ideas so I started GOMO Group together with a bunch of extremely smart people.

Up Close and personal

I’m born in Tehran Iran and my family started to move to Sweden in the early 70s. Me and my parents moved to Sweden 1984 when I was only 6 yrs old. Today I’m a father to a fantastic little boy and a proud husband to the most amazing women on earth that standing out with a workaholic like myself.

Besides my family (Im Persian so a lot of emphasis on “family”) and the passion project GO MO I absolutely love food/wine, culture and traveling and I prefer big cities and the Alps over sandy beaches. My newly found addiction is called Padel-tennis.


Contact details:

Email: or cell: +46(0) 702 451 251

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