Meet Gabriel

I’m Gabriel Ghavami, the founder of GO MO Group. My journey in B2B marketing has been a delicate balance between strategy and innovation, underpinned by a recent foray into the exhilarating realm of generative AI. I am profoundly convinced that generative AI is poised to spearhead the most seismic shift in communication and business, dwarfing even the profound impact of the internet.

The team behind GO MO

GO MO Group isn’t merely an extension of my vision—it’s a symphony of collective dreams and aspirations. It’s the embodiment of dedication, brilliance, and innovation, steered by a team I’m privileged to lead. To put it plainly, without these incredibly talented individuals, GO MO wouldn’t have achieved the success we celebrate today.

”I strongly believe in finding the exponential zone in order to grow. The zone where one has exponential value is often where passion, talent, money and doing good meet.”


Having earned a double-major degree in Marketing and Finance from Hawaii Pacific University, my academic grounding serves as a base. But the real magic happens because of the relentless pursuit of excellence by our stellar team.

Beyond business

Beyond the metrics and strategies, I’m a father, a husband, and someone who truly relishes the diverse tapestry of life—be it savoring a well-cooked meal, engaging in an intense match of Padel-tennis, or appreciating the myriad cultures our world offers.

Personal journey

Born in the dynamic city of Tehran and nurtured amidst Gothenburg’s spirited energies, my global perspective was further enriched during my years in the diverse state of New York, including my four years in Hawaii.

Why did I start GO MO and what’s my end goal?

GO MO’s inception was driven by a clear-sighted recognition of the changing dynamics in the B2B digital sales and marketing ecosystem. We’re not here to merely adapt to the shifting landscape—we’re here to lead it, to redefine it. Our strategic collaboration with talent in India reinforces our prowess, transforming potential challenges into unparalleled strengths.

Contact details:
Gabriel Ghavami

Gabriel Ghavami

CEO, Founder

Fifteen years of experience in free enterprises from NYC, Copenhagen and Gothenburg/Stockholm. Dreaming of building the most awesome Digital B2B Agency in the world.

Business degree in marketing from Hawaii Pacific University (HPU).

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