Henrik Anderberg

Meet Henrik

My name is Henrik Anderberg and I’m mostly based in GO MO Group Gothenburg office. I am leading the firm’s Client Success Team with two mindsets:

  1. The rare people who become truly exceptional at something do so not because they believe they’re exceptional. On the contrary, they become amazing because they’re obsessed with improvement.
  2. Strategies do not fail, execution does.

The team aims at transforming clients of GO MO and making the process of digital marketing a key initiative for the future, both pushing growth and defending against outside threats.

I have significant experience from global B2B organisations, maneuvering through budgets and politics with an emphasis on building digital marketing success with high ROMI in focus.


BSC in Mechanical Engineering (Chalmers University of Technology.) and BSC in Business Administration (Gothenburg School of Business).

About my role at the firm

I joined as a client in my previous role as the Marketing Manager at TUV NORD where I used GO MO as our SEO agency. I joined GO MO Group as a CSM in 2017 and have then been promoted to Head of the client team and a proud part of the owner and senior management team.

Among my clients one will find some of the largest and leading Industrial companies in the Nordics as well as one of Northern Europe’s largest dentist groups. I spend the majority of my time working with CMOs, Communication Managers, Sales Excellence roles and our different internal teams, including SEO-specialists, content-specialists. I also spend a lot of time with our founder and CEO in order to build the most amazing and elite Digital Marketing firm in Europe by developing our clients, people and processes.

I am driven by working with big and complex B2B companies across several countries and business areas. As a result, the role becomes a management consultant rather than project manager. Consequently, we receive a lot of trust and responsibility with our clients for not only marketing but often marketing, communication, brand, sales and business development. In these partnerships we can move forward in a steady pace with well thought of and therefore sustainable changes.

Up Close and personal

I strongly believe GO MO is a system of great clients where I can experiment. It is also an infrastructure that makes ideas become reality. I am a true knowledge-holic. My brain works 24/7 and I love new ideas and perspectives of life and business. I love to challenge everything and everyone, hating and having a hard time buying into the status quo. This has yet resulted in:

  1. +10,000 hours of podcasts. Favorites: Knowledge Project and Sam Harris (Making sense)
  2. A book summary project and a long read-list
  3. Masterclass lessons on Wednesdays (everyone should learn from Chris Voss)

Except from that I have become a huge fan of running. Last year that resulted in my first marathon and swimrun. My claim to fame is that I run Göteborgsvarvet below 1.30 (amateur). Football and padel also keeps my body and spirit in the right place. Expansion of mind comes in learning new things and travelling the world.

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