Meet Niranjan

I am Vice Managing Director at GO MO Group. Based out of Pune, I lead the operations in India. I am passionate about creating value for our customers through delivering world-class services.


I have completed my graduation from University of Mumbai and hold Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from KJ Somaiya college of engineering.

About my Role

I joined GO MO Group with the mission to create transformational value using my 20+ years of experience in consulting, program management, and business management across the globe.

In my current role, I am responsible for managing the India operations. I take immense interest in people management by identifying and nurturing talent, coaching, mentoring, and offering all necessary support to people to enable their growth. I take responsibility for our employee’s aspirations and career roadmaps. Another critical responsibility that I have is the alignment of teams and organizational goals – we work as one team and win it together.

Up Close and personal

I am married to a doctor and have 2 very sweet daughters which are the most precious gifts life has offered me. At home, my biggest role is “conflict resolution” between both of them which keeps me occupied.

I love music, movies, and spending time with family and friends. I really enjoy traveling take every opportunity to explore and learn about local history, cultures, and people.

Niranjan Kanade

Niranjan Kanade


Experienced operations manager in the Pune office management. Values both the team as a whole and the individuals that makes up the team – spurring individual growth will also improve all groups in which the individual operates.

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