Reza Ghazizadeh

Meet Reza

I am a Client Success Manager and Partner at GO MO Group AB. In my role as Client Success Manager I am responsible for:

  1. Leading and ensuring the deliveries from our team members
  2. Improving our clients’ digital presence and growth

I have a total of 17 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry. In working with various businesses, I have provided clients with digital expertise in different areas such as IT development, SEO, Google Ads, Sales, and Business Development.

Back when search engines such as Altavista, Yahoo Search, and AOL were the big boys, I used to implement digital strategies and manage Pull Marketing accounts for clients in Overture Ads, which was a competing platform to Google Adwords (now Google Ads).


I have a Commercial Pilot License from the USA (FAA), and an ATPL (Captain Certificate) from the Swedish FAA. I got into digital marketing and sales in my mid-20s and have acquired all types of Certifications from Google, MSN, to increase my knowledge about the ever-changing sphere of digital marketing.

My work experience has been as varied as my education, ranging from Sales Manager for 25–30 Sales Representatives in, to Shop Manager in 7-Eleven. The different aspects of life and the psychology of handling B2B and B2C clients contribute a lot to my current role.

Why did I join GO MO Group

In GO MO, and as part of the Client Success team, I saw the opportunity to combine my knowledge about Digital Strategies and Sales. What a journey it has been so far!

The evolving digital domain challenges me to be better, to learn more and forces me to never stop learning. This mindset permeates the CSM team, making us the trailblazers in some aspects, and being able to deliver premium services is a real joy for me.

Up close and personal

I love to see the world and have a good track record of locations visited. I also love movies, something I never get tired of.

In my spare time, I like to spend time with my family, and I’m am an enthusiastic Google Local guide, having contributed lots of images of food and restaurants from around the Globe.

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