Timothy Larsson

Meet Timothy

I’m Timothy, digital marketing coordinator based in the GO MO Group Gothenburg office. My main responsibilities concern GO MO’s digital marketing, meaning I get to market the marketers. I also support the Client Success Manager team with various sales-related tasks, producing materials, prospecting, or handling outbound marketing.

My GO MO journey began with an internship in 2020, and I am really happy to have ended up in such an ambitious company.


MSc in Marketing and Consumption & BSc in Business Administration from the Gothenburg University School of Business, Economics and Law.

About my role

As a digital marketing coordinator, I have a multifaceted role as I handle our content, branding, and sales support. Though my main focus is GO MO’s marketing, I also assist my colleagues in client-related tasks.

I think marketing should be data-driven, and all communications should be highly relevant to the recipients. As such, I enjoy my position at GO MO since I get to work with – and promote – precisely this sort of marketing; I like to think we are contributing to a world devoid of spam and irrelevant communications.

Up close and personal

My interest in tech has manifested in that I am constantly trying to add more smart home gadgets to my apartment, way more than are reasonable considering the size of my home. Another hobby of mine is music, and I was actively involved in a choir before corona put a stop to such activities.

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