Case / Reference | LÄSTID: 6 MINUTER | 29 april

Digitalizing the sales process to create growth via Pull-Marketing & SEO

Sales increased 324 %
in digital channels.

A direct result of a new website and traffic from SEO.

A strong and clear vision and excellent execution of a digital shift resulted in a ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) of over 600%. Investment, commitment, and external assistance enabled the change journey for a security company. They went from being completely invisible on digital platforms to digital channels driving sales.

Results from digital marketing for security company | GO MO Group


Shortly after the launch of a new website, it became possible to show new business and actual revenue with a ROMI of over 600% on invested capital, as well as a large number of leads that continuously increase the future business potential. The foundation for digital growth began with extensive strategic work aimed at digitizing their sales process.

Using digital strategies, such as pull-marketing, we laid the foundations for the business, sales, and customer relationships so the client would be able to grow properly. The company had developed well for many years, but they were aware that traditional sales processes would be further challenged and that new thinking would be required. The partnership started in early 2018. The company, which lacked a digital face at that time, works with various types of security systems for both individuals and companies.

Some insights, tips & lessons that we have brought with us in the digital transformation are:

  • Get digitally mature, prepare your organization for digitalization by investing time and focus on strategy, not just to survive, but to thrive.
    TIP: Ask yourself the question: “What would the most optimal organization look like if we started completely from scratch, without any baggage?”
  • Manage fears and internal politics through transparent discussions, and with external support with competence and resources where needed.
    TIP: Challenge intuition-based decisions and work with an external specialist to create results internally.
  • Be completely data-driven in all decisions. Prioritize data-driven strategies and follow-up regularly to track developments and show success.
    TIP: Find out how your interest groups act digitally and participate in your interest groups’ research process. Interact with them early and at the top of the sales funnel as well as in the lower levels of the funnel.
  • An effective digital strategy does not require you to do everything. Focus on being successful in a few things instead and do everything properly.
    TIP:  Invest in mastering a few digital marketing skills and be consistent towards them.

“We needed to develop our business digitally but we didn’t really know-how. This is where GO MO Group and Henrik helped us in a fantastic way during the journey both as a partner and as an advisor. Their assistance has led to a constant flow of leads and has opened up new opportunities for us as a company that we will continue to develop.”


The security and alarm industry has fierce competition. Dialogue with both existing and potential customers was ending up with new digital intermediaries. The client made the important strategic decision to take back the customer dialogue on the platform where the majority of people carry out their buying journey, Google’s search platform.

The goal was to appear (rank) high on Google’s organic list and create a website that could translate relevant traffic into business. Thus, they wanted to reduce the gap between marketing/communication and sales. At the same time content was produced to increase the awareness of their brand in selected product areas in order to be able to communicate its message in the “top funnel” and thus become part of customers’ buying journey at a very early stage.

The previous website did not support the new vision and the customers’ new digital buying process. Among other things, the website had landing pages that took a very long time to load. Surveys have shown that if pages take over two seconds of loading time, more than 50% of users leave the page directly. There was a general need for a revamp of the website’s UI (appearance) and UX (user-friendliness) as it did not reflect the company’s message and the values ​​that underpin the company. Another challenge was that the website was in the hands of a former supplier, which put restrictions on adjusting and updating the site smoothly.

Risks and business potential

Not being visible in the product segments where you are strongest is bad. Not owning your brand digitally is a disaster. With a traditional sales process, there is a great risk of creating a customer need that a competitor then fulfills digitally. Regardless of how much energy and money is invested in marketing, it will be difficult to count on the investment, if the created need is not translated into business opportunities.

This risk can be difficult to identify in a company that has been around for a long time and that has progressed well in old safe wheel tracks. Human habits have been digitized and the last thing you want is to look back and think “we could have boarded the train, but now it’s too late”. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is setting high ambitious growth targets that are not supported by digital and realizable strategies.

What is the value of owning your brand digitally? “Invaluable” is the answer and it is an absolute requirement in 2020.

Out of almost 80 relevant product-related queries on Google, the client was only visible on a few keywords that appeared on the front page of Google prior to the digitization journey. The keyword analysis showed a digital growth potential of more than 500%.

“If you structure your website with an engagement of SEO and web development, the results will be fantastic”


The work process followed by GO MO Group and the client looked as follows:

  • Initial digital analysis (including website analysis, competitor analysis and keyword analysis) as well as the creation of a digital growth strategy
  • Analysis of user experience and design with subsequent new design sketches for a new website
  • A first draft of the website’s look and function, now focusing on UX (user-friendliness)
  • Development of the website, its digital interaction tools, and its content including texts and visual content
  • Continuous work on SEO, lead generation and further development of the digital sales process

GO MO Group provided recommendations based on the client’s starting position. The vision was clear and rooted in the current situation. The recommendations included communication with customer perspective, page speed, code/text ratio, and UX and UI improvements. By creating new content intended for their target group, we helped the company leverage demand from existing and potential customers by adjusting to their search behavior. We created landing pages, customized links, and optimized website speed which led to fantastic results. The launch of the new website contributed, among other things, to significant increase in traffic to the website:

  • 20% increase in organic traffic
  • Significantly lower bounce-rate, by 30 %


The efforts resulted in several new deals, higher awareness and digital growth.

So, what was it like to lead the project? Henrik Anderberg, Head of Client Success at GO MO Group was responsible as well as was a strong driving force in the change, gives us insight into the collaboration.

What are the most important insights you take with you from this project?

Three main insights:

  • You have to work in parallel with web development and SEO. This is how you achieve results in the short term (within 12 months).
  • Commitment by the client and management team is critical to the success of the project and the partnership.
  • If you base your decision on a data-driven digital growth strategy, you will never make a mistake, as long as enforcement is in place. It ensures that ideas and strategies are further developed in the same direction, but even faster. It is important to have a flexible budget process so that the company can quickly respond to new potential.

What were the biggest challenges?

Two main challenges:

  • The lack of knowledge and understanding of digital marketing or data at management level.
  • When the marketing succeeds and is handed over to sales, a different part of the organization, the new process is affected. This means that a part of the organization, which has not previously been involved in the work, needs to change its way of working with limited background and knowledge. This change takes time, which means that the end result can be delayed if the organization is not agile.

Insights and Conclusion:

Establish a vision with the management early on and set clear goals – match your marketing goals with the company’s primary goals. This makes it easy to set up clear KPIs and to follow up on how the marketing investment develops. It is crucial to have measurability all the way: from Google rankings of the website down to actual sales or other transactions. From follow-up of MQL, and SQL, to the actual sales.