Content Marketing | LÄSTID: 4 MINUTER | 29 april

A Candid Conversation With Sabina: The New Kid On The Block

Sabina GO MO Group marketing coordinator

We understand the importance of a digital company to create brand recognition to truly excel in our industry. To help us build our brand and achieve this goal, our CEO and Founder Gabriel Ghavami was waiting for someone who was, “more than a polished CV. I wanted someone with excellent soft skills; a distinctive personality, combined with drive and dedication”.

Enter Sabina Soneryd, our new Marketing Coordinator

It’s a Match!

When interviewing potential candidates to join our team, Gabriel was keen on looking for our next superstar. He was more focused on hiring someone who would bring a keen sense of drive with excellent communication and analytical skills.

Gabriel knew that this job is demanding, but also a very stimulating opportunity – of course, only for the right choice. Sabina managed to create an impact on him right from the very first interview.

When asked about what made Sabina the perfect Marketing Coordinator, he said, “Sabina was a top-pick since the first round of interviews and I could immediately see her as a complement to support and optimize our organization’s already fantastic digital marketing”.

The Pull of Digital Marketing

After being responsible for customer service for over two years at Thomas Cook and a Coordinator for Volvo Group, Sabina has a lot of experience working with customers. Sabina came to the realization that the best way to reach out to the customer and deliver your brand’s message is through communication platforms they are comfortable with, which are all mainly digital.

We asked her about the transition to digital marketing:

“I’ve always loved communication and have been interested in ways in which companies represent their brands. During college, my love for brand awareness only grew. Since we’re in the 21st century, digital marketing is naturally the most obvious platform to succeed with branding. A big factor of why I gravitated towards digital marketing is that nothing is ever fixed. Anything can change in a heartbeat, and I just love that feeling!”

Sabina wanted to ride the digital transformation wave as best as she could. Her past work has made her adept at understanding the customer. She wanted to explore opportunities that come with the digital world which can be used to target any audience using specific and customized campaigns.

This is what attracted her to the world of digital marketing, and this is what she’s going to use to put GO MO on the map.

What Made Us So Special?

Sabina’s first round of interviews only confirmed her belief that our company was where she wanted to evolve her career.

“In my experience, my previous workplaces think big and want great things from the future, but they fall short when it comes to the execution. I already feel that GO MO is the opposite of that, which is for the best! I’m so happy that I finally found a company that thinks outside the box and all the employees really challenge themselves to be better and do better every day!”

She talks about the discontinuity that exists between teams in most organizations. This takes place primarily because of the lack of communication. When everyone works together, the consumer has a clear idea of what the brand is and what service or product they are trying to sell. Our teams work in sync, despite having offices in Sweden and India. This is what she appreciates most about our company.

Sabina also agrees with the importance of pull marketing in today’s world where customers are constantly getting bombarded with advertisements. She believes that integration and coordination between teams is what it takes to execute a successful campaign; something we practice on a daily basis!

We asked her what her favorite part about working with us has been so far, and she replied enthusiastically, “The best part of my job is that I’m working with GO MO’s brand awareness and I’m responsible for how we want to breathe and talk as a brand. I’m working very closely with Gabriel and the (Swedish) team – everyone is extremely inspiring and I’m learning so much from everyone, every day!”

A Better, Faster, Stronger GO MO Group: How Will Sabina Help?

As one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in Sweden, we do not plan on slowing down any time soon and Sabina is here to help us with just that. She excels at optimizing brands operationally and strategically, formulating creative plans to increase brand awareness online and sales, and writing content, making her the perfect choice to promote GO MO as a brand. She talks about some of her main roles and responsibilities below:

“Some of my tasks are optimizing our digital marketing, tracking campaigns in Analytics, writing awesome content, updating online assets and handling general digital marketing, marketing events, and SEO!” Sabina’s role is to put the company on the front page.

Gabriel believes that a Marketing Coordinator needs to have trust in the company’s values and vision to be able to implement the said vision successfully. It requires a great amount of drive and dedication, something he is confident Sabina possesses. She is more than ready to shoulder the responsibility.

Till hemsida

Aspiring Digital Marketers, Pay Attention!

“Just do it! If you want to follow the future in the right direction with marketing and sales, this is the only way – because the world will only get more digital!”, is Sabina’s advice to anyone who is keen on making a career in digital marketing.

Her enthusiasm is infectious. Four weeks in and Sabina already feels like she is a part of the GO MO family, and all we can say is that we cannot wait to see what she has in store to make us the best digital marketing agency in the industry!