Meet Anuvinder

I am a Director and Partner at GO MO Group DBS and head the Online Acceleration Department at GO MO. I’m an expert in demand generation, email automation and content syndication. I like to build processes & platforms that help automate processes and eliminate manual intervention.
My philosophy: Improvise, automate, delegate!


  • Graduate Degree in Business Administration from MIT Pune
  • Master’s Degree in Political Science from Pune University
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing and Trade from Monash University

About my role

My objective is to close the gap between marketing and sales by building data-driven, intent-driven offerings to support our clients in achieving the highest possible ROI from their marketing efforts using technology and ai.

I wake up every day with the end goal of providing data-driven guidance and delivering professional assistance for our clients. My goal is to provide a comprehensive array of solutions that will help clients’ businesses grow.

My motto: Build trust based on the three core principles of Quality, Transparency, and Commitment.

Up close and personal

I am also an angel investor with a passion for start-ups and technology. In addition to investments, I also dedicate time to support local entrepreneurs to grow and succeed. With over 12 years of experience and knowledge, I advise companies on processes and strategies that drive growth, “making a valuable asset to any organization looking to take their business to the next level.”

Anuvinder Singh

Anuvinder Singh


Closing the gap between marketing and sales using data and automation. Using several marketing services and data sources in combination, Anuvinder and his teams are able to deliver high-quality services directly contributing to the clients’ positive end result.

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