Lina Nygren

Meet Lina

My name is Lina Nygren and I’m a part of the Client Success Manager team.

I strongly believe that growth marketing, aka pull marketing, is the key for companies in order to grow their business and digital market share. Not displaying on search engines in today’s digital age boiled down to one simple truth: If you don’t exist there, you don’t exist at all.

Prior to working at GO MO, I’ve worked in different international settings with project management, business development, content marketing, event marketing, social media, and business relations.


BSc in International Business from Gothenburg University School of Business, Economics and Law.

MSc in Growth Management from Gothenburg University School of Business, Economics and Law.

About My Role

As Client Success Manager I am a hybrid of Project Manager, Management Consultant, and Strategist. In my role, I lead a team of specialists in client collaborations. I’m responsible for various clients within various industries and lead a team of specialists in client collaborations. My main aim lies in leading customers through their digital growth to achieve their goals and targets.

Why I chose GO MO Group

It’s important for me to work in an environment where I feel psychologically safe and where I’m encouraged to develop and challenge myself, my team, and the company. That’s why I choose to work at GO Mo Group.

Up Close and Personal

I live by the philosophy that nothing is impossible, that the only thing holding you back is your attitude to life. Therefore, I strive every day to develop myself in order to become the best version there is. For as long as I can remember (and what my family has told me) I have always wanted to try out new things and learn as much as I can. Being among people in different social environments, learning from their experiences and thoughts has therefore been a great interest of mine, and is where I find my energy. To “sit still and chill” has never been my cup of tea.

A great passion of mine is food and wine, so it is not uncommon if you run into me in any of Gothenburg’s restaurants. If I’m not out eating and drinking wine, you find me working out in the red room at Barry’s, on the running trail, playing board games with my friends or watching movies at home (Marvel and “Based on a true story” are my favorite genres).

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