Majority (75%) of consumers learned something new via mobile device. 2013-05-27

While a large percentage of actual shopping transactions may not happen on a smartphone, it doesn’t mean the mobile device isn’t having a significant impact on purchases.

A new study looking at multi-screen activity found that a majority (75%) of consumers learned something new via mobile and their in-store purchase was influenced for almost half (45%) of them.


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The global study in 14 markets by InMobi focused on the impact of various media and found that mobile is increasing in importance.

For example, mobile ranked first in media consumption among mobile Web users, who consume 108 minutes per day, compared to 52 minutes from radio and 92 minutes from television.

But from a mobile commerce standpoint, the more significant findings center on the impact mobile has on shopping activities.

In terms of mobile influence on their shopping behavior, the study found that mobile helped 69% of consumers find something nearby, 55% to reconsider a product and 46% to buy via their mobile device.
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