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“Digital strategies are not a question for the future. It’s a crucial part for companies that aim to be competitive – today. It’s important to own the question on every management level”


Gabriel was saying that digital strategy is all about offering relevant information, services, standing first in line, trying different channels, identifying what your partners and customers want – before they even know it themselves. Three very inspiring examples of this is Apple, Uber and Tesla.

Gabriel Ghavami - GO MO Group

Gabriel Ghavami, CEO of GO MO Group AB

During his 15 years in the industry, Gabriel Ghavami has started and developed several companies and become Google certified partner. With his experienced fire spirit, he guides you in an engaging and inspiring way but also puts words on the traps that you should beware of.

“The digital world is spinning fast and it’s important to be on your toes to keep up with the swings – sweaty worse, right? Join us on a journey with impacts on content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing and sharpening messages in marketing. It’s a journey where everything is really about daring to let customers show the way.”

– Gabriel Ghavami

Common conversation themes

  • Concrete examples of what steps successful companies need to take in order to capitalize on consumers’ new digital buying behavior
  • Pull- vs. Push Marketing
  • The digital customer journey (Digital journey)
  • How do you calculate “Return on Investment” (ROI) on a digital investment?
  • The latest trends in Digital Marketing
  • How can Google become your top-selling weapon?
  • In-depth lecture in strategic search engine optimization (SEO)
Gabriel Ghavami - GO MO Group

Swedish Chambers of Commerce

GO MO Group was chosen by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and as part of it hosted a full-day workshop on how multinational corporations can best achieve their business objectives in the digital space. We at GO MO opened our doors to eleven high ranking executives working for 7 industry giants including the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Alfa Laval, Atlascopco, Bharat Forge Ltd (Financial Service), DeLaval, Chicago Pneumatics Compressors, SKF India ltd. and Lila Poonawala who were looking for the right guidance to succeed in the digital era.

The event started with a speech from the Sr. Manager of Operations & Events at the Swedish Chamber Of Commerce, Dolly Berry, who got the participants motivated and ready for an insightful day of learning. Next, the Manager Director of GO MO Group took the stage and captured the participants’ attention with some shocking statistics like 96% of C-level executives at Fortune 1000 companies claim their organizations are ‘unwilling or unable’ to prove ROMI. He also explained the concept, importance, and potential of pull marketing to prove ROMI and digital economy of scale. Our Sr. Project Manager gave the participants some real-life examples of issues some companies face and how an effective pull marketing strategy is always the perfect solution.

The event included also round of questions and answers as well as a Networking lunch which aimed at indulging in one-on-one conversations with the participants, getting to know individual organizational challenges and offering solutions required to keep up in the digital era.

Kunal Bajaj - GO MO Group

University Seminars

A brainchild of our relentless HR team, we decided to scour some places where we were sure to meet some of the best upcoming talents in the country; prestigious universities. We knew that by visiting some of the top universities of Pune, we’d find the brightest and eager minds who would bring in their zeal and drive to become successful digital marketers with GO MO Group.

While we realized the potential of these young minds in the digital marketing industry, they weren’t aware of the new career opportunities they had. However, these new possibilities didn’t go unnoticed by the heads of these colleges and universities. Over the year, GO MO was invited to reputable institutes like Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Symbiosis Center for Management Studies, St. Mira’s College, Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management, PUMBA – Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune, MIT Pune and MITSOM. Led by our team of ambassadors, including our Managing Director, Sr. Project Managers and Team Leads, GO MO Group has collectively spoken and spread awareness about digital marketing to nearly 500 students in 2019.

With the help of these seminars, GO MO Group has been able to build a strong network where we as an organization get the opportunity to engage with the brightest business, marketing, finance, engineers, and HR students.

Kunal Bajaj - GO MO Group

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