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“Digital strategies are not a question for the future. It’s a crucial part for companies that aim to be competitive – today. It’s important to own the question on every management level”


Gabriel was saying that digital strategy is all about offering relevant information, services, standing first in line, trying different channels, identifying what your partners and customers want – before they even know it themselves. Three very inspiring examples of this is Apple, Uber and Tesla.

SEO Seminarium


  • Gabriel Ghavami is the CEO and founder of GO MO Group
  • SEO-strategist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience of enterprise and business
  • Previously started, developed and divested two companies
  • Driven by a will to start-up and develop prosperous companies with a steady focus on marketing and B2B
  • Certified Google-partner and Google Analytics certified


Common themes

  • What is SEO – how does it work? What is sustainable SEO?
  • How do you calculate ROI to measure the effects of SEO?
  • The latest trends in digital marketing
  • We give you concrete examples of how you calculate ROI and we describe the important steps you need to take if you want to start capitalizing on your target groups new consuming behavior

Why should you hire us for a SEO-seminar?

This is a unique opportunity for you as CEO, marketing manager, product manager, sales manager, communication manager or business developer to get to know the latest trends in digital marketing, SEO and the Google machinery. We bring new inspiration, motivation and strength to your digital businesses.


Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of all digital marketing and a component that you can’t ignore.


Studies show that organic searches are the marketing tool that result in the highest ROI. Google searches have become a natural part of the shopping process and it is crucial for companies to defer to the customer’s organic searches when they develop a digital strategy.


A digital strategy consists of several different of ingredients that more or less consociate with each other. Content marketing has also become a big hype and it is sometimes described as a new form of SEO – though this is not entirely true. Content marketing is a perfect complement to SEO, but can never replace it. SEO is so much more than only text, image and video.

SEO Seminarium

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