The competition is tough for companies that aim to be the winners of the market and it’s important
to analyze the customers’ search behavior and needs.
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Why SEO?/

Approximately 50 000 000 Google searches are made daily in Sweden, Googles task is to help us find relevant and useful information and to deliver the best user experience possible. No matter the reason for our searches we, the consumer is expecting relevant information only a click away.  This has made us (the consumer) very impatient, and if we don’t find what we’re looking for on the first search engine result page the chance is small that we look further or decide to dig deeper on other pages.

With this in mind it’s clear that the future belongs to brands and companies that focus on relevance and that offers the exactly right content, based on their customers needs. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way to achieve this, while it help your content show, pop out and reach a higher position on the search engine result list.


How does it work?

The first step to good search engine optimization (SEO) is to make sure that the visitors find the content that is already published on your website. This goal can be realized through optimized content and site structure.


Googles search robots analyze different part of your webpage to determine if your site is useful and relevant. They inspect the title of the page, headers and captions. Even the meta information of the page is checked, that is information that lies hidden in the page’s source code. To get highly ranked on Google this kind of content needs to be named in a correct way with relevant key words and phrases. Also it should be well fitted with the rest of the content on the website.


To inform about yourself and your business on the website is not enough. Google also values the information about your company that can be found on other, external sites. Earned links means links that are not manipulated but have resided organically. All thanks to content that actually is worth linking to. These links getting more and more important when it comes to successful digital marketing, and the most common way to create such content is to write and publish qualitative blog posts.

How much does SEO cost?

The price varies and depends on your competition and your current business situation. There are no short cuts, no simple one size fits all-solutions. All SEO-efforts should be suited and adjusted to your unique business. If you find yourself far from the goal and with different obstacles in front of you, you’ll be needing a more extensive strategy to achieve the results you want. This is also the reason why we always perform a detailed SEO-analysis before we suggest a price.

SEO should be looked at as a camp fire, something you nurture for a long period of time. Only through that kind of effort it can evolve and become a important and primary part of your marketing strategy.
In the most evaluations that are being done on marketing and on which strategy that result in the highest ROI, SEO is commonly placed in the top of the lists.

We always focus on ROI, market potential and business advantage – in everything we do. As a complement to all of this we also tailor a unique content strategy that pushes your company to the top of your branch of industry. Far ahead of your competitors. Besides this we offer a technological knowledge in on-page and off-page SEO. All in all this collaboration with us means that you get all the most important ingredients to succeed in the work with driving traffic to your website.

GO MO Group Content amplification strategi

Content amplification strategy

It’s not enough to just talk about yourself on your own website. Google also recognizes the information about your company on external sites.


Google favors diversified content, which is why we create up to 8 different types of content for our customers. Press releases, articles, visual content, video, and blog / news posts are all different examples of external content that also can strengthen and create relevance to an existing website.


Our strategy, named Content Amplification (strengthening of content), is unique and goes hand in hand with Google’s requirements/guidelines. It’s all about strategic storytelling and publishing messages that is based on relevant keywords or keyword phrases.

The process

SEO is an ongoing work and cooperation between us and our clients.

GOMO Group SEO workflow


We turn to customers and contexts where we can add a high value. Our services are suitable for all types of companies in all industries who want growth and who’s interested in pull-marketing (the buying client/interest group contacts you).


Our most successful cases are the ones with an internal expertise in SEO and a willingness to chase high ROI values.


SEO is not only about knowing your current situation, but also about knowing your competitors’ current situation. Everyone wants to be on top, and therefore you need to stand out. In a situation analysis, we take a closer look at four main areas:
– Availability (is the website searchable and organized?)
– Keyword Research (what is your customers looking for?)
– On-page and off-page factors (URL structure, linkages, etc.).
– Competitive analysis


The data we collect through situation analysis, is used to identify a sustainable and ethical SEO strategy that matches Google’s guidelines. We have no fixed rates or packages, but the business model is very transparent. We charge depending on the number of hours and the strategic expertise required to achieve optimal results. In this step, we also perform an ROI calculation. We work exclusive with content based SEO, and we always create the content for our customers.


The collaboration begins. We start by correcting all the deficits that have been revealed during the On-page analysis and by performing a thorough keyword research to ensure your keyword density on your website. The next step is to create content for both internal and external use, which will be published after your approval. SEO is a long-term process and the relationship between us and the customer is the key to success.

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