We at GO MO Group team actively chooses to avoid emotional driven decisions. Instead we focus on data and ambitious analysis to ensure our clients invested money. This is a strategy that has taken successful and groundbreaking companies as Google, Uber and AirBnB to the top in their different fields. It’s also a strategy that prevent you, and us, from running too fast in the wrong direction and makes it easier to take hard decisions. Data is king, and doesn’t lie.


So, what can ethical and qualitative SEO do for you? Try the options and visualize various scenarios to overview the results of the possibilities available. Ask yourself if SEO actually is a good investment for your company. Why? It’s also important to inspect your competitors and their ranking, and don’t forget to measure all of your digital marketing when you decide to start the work. Just by scheduling the firm’s conditions and possibilities you’re able to figure out if ethical and qualitative SEO is the way to go.


We want to raise the importance of Return On Investment (ROI). Return On Investment will help you calculate which marketing strategy that pays off the most and also show if you’ve earned or lost money on your investment. We prefer to calculate on concrete ROI rather than focusing on the more abstract advantages of SEO.


To calculate ROI you can use our SEO-calculator, or ROI-calculator. With that as a tool it’s possible to evaluate if your company got the market potential needed to invest successfully in SEO. Use the ROI-calculator to get an estimated ROI.

Note that all SEO-work is tailored, there are no simple package solutions that works for everyone. In the end the result also depends on your competition, your particular SEO-partner and their knowledge in the field. We never recommend a SEO-strategy if it won’t lead to a clear improvement for our customers within a twelve (12) month period.


Use our calculator to figure out your ROI.

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